View Full Version : PTS Patch Notes - 10/8/2019

10-08-2019, 03:31 PM
Additional Updates

Correction to a previous patch note - the Leviathans will destroy bocks around players rather than just blocks placed near the Leviathans.
Saltwater sam should no longer anger wandering monsters.
Gameplay blocks (such as verticle jump blocks and turrets) can now only be placed in cornerstones and club worlds to prevent their accidental loss.
Buffed darkness on leviathans and reduced their lifespan to 10 minutes.
Lobstroso is tuned for groups of 8 players who are comfortable in U10. Timmense is tuned for those same players who have crafted the weekly torch from Lobstroso. Ifera should present a real challenge for fully geared groups of 8 players.
Leviathan trophies should now actually be kind of rare.
Shambling Nottoc should correctly show in collections, even if it isn't unlocked
The Chaos Core Crafter is no longer giving glimpses in to the future.
The sigil progress tooltip now correctly indicates Trove mastery instead of Total mastery.
Fixed an issue where areas in Luminopolis could be the same map color as Neon City.
Corrected a specular map issue with the Lancer of the Hydrakken costume.
Added mau5head to the "designed by" credit to the Rabbity Raiser costume, thank you!
The Fire Rakers fist style now grants 1 mastery instead of 10.
Corrected a typo with the Quester's Vial.
Corrected a typo for the Fabricator's Firearm.