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10-01-2019, 09:25 AM
These seem like the most important part of this up date in relation to mastery.
What are the costs of the boxes and keys?

Only info I have seen is that a ton for costumes, allys and a mount are in these boxes.
How bad is this as far as rng?
Looks like say 20 items drop from these? if your at 19/20 this has to be horrible if everything I know about these is accurate.

I see 0 people talking about these so it has to be better then I'm thinking?

10-01-2019, 02:49 PM
You might get awarded a strongbox when you complete a Trovian adventure (around 28% chance)

Strongbox drop table estimates
Sweet! (90%): 3 allies, plus 1 of 4 allies that cycles with the four seasons, plus a griffon mount, and can also drop any other adventure box mount.
Lucky! (7%): 16 untradable costumes
Lucky! (3%): 16 tradable versions of the same costumes

I'd advise anyone to hold on to your tradables until you're running into too many [don't have a number] duplicates and find people to swap with

The donation boxes are a super-massive black hole
12.5m+ flux value goes in
600K flux value comes out, plus 194 keys

I suppose the alternative is farming for keys
80 or 90 minutes a day for 10 keys, for 20 days?

so make 625K flux a day or club adventure farm for keys.. keeping in mind that getting 6 strongboxes a day or less might be the average if you do all 20 Trovian adventures.

194 keys x 500 adv, 97,000 adv...
97K / 250, 388 adventures x 4 minutes, 1552 minutes or over 25hrs; 388 adventures / 20 daily limit, 20 days (ST)
97K / 500, 194 adventures x 9 minutes, 1746 minutes or over 29hrs; 194 adventures / 10 daily limit, 20 days (Purple+Green)
97K / 450, 216 adventures x 9 minutes, 1944 minutes or over 32hrs; 216 adventures / 10 daily limit, 22 days (Purple+White)
97K / 300, 324 adventures x 9 minutes, 2916 minutes or over 48hrs; 324 adventures / 20 daily limit, 17 days (Purple)
97K / 200, 485 adventures x 7 minutes, 3395 minutes or over 56hrs; 485 adventures / 20 daily limit, 25 days (Green)
97K / 150, 647 adventures x 7 minutes, 4529 minutes or over 75hrs; 647 adventures / 20 daily limit, 33 days (White)
... I wouldn't advise anyone to only farm the gem box adventure, you need to stack it with a green biome 15 dungeon adventure (fire/cv/sea) or at least white (fae/highlands)

If you could find a group of 4 other people who ST in parallel, they have their own alt that holds the bossroom to clear for all, I'd bet you could get it down from 80 minutes to 32 minutes a day! 60% off using a group effort seems fair, what a nice incentive.

10-02-2019, 05:08 AM
thank you but I'm still missing cost per donation box and I think your saying we have only 20 quests per day and each 20 have a rng chance for a strong box. No other way to get strong boxes?
This is rmg in rng right? Seems awful to me. If this is really how it works, this will be so much worst then the companion farming.

Strong boxes drop from quests only? ?/20 a day max?
Strong boxes need a 500 adventuring key?
Strong boxes have (4) allys,1 mount and 10ish costumes?

Donation boxes cost?
Donation boxes drop old content boxes and strong box keys?

Hunting leviathans is for torches and a big head potion?

Read a few things

A Donation Station has been added to the Adventure Outposts found in Luminopolis.
Donating Plasmium, Charged Circuits, Logic Loops, or Memory Matrices give a chance to receive Adventure boxes.

and keys?
What are the costs? how much loops, plasmium etc per box?

10-02-2019, 12:06 PM

pick your poison
the rate of key drops per material maybe varied but since we cannot /exportaccount it's not possible, in a timely fashion, to test what the exchange rates are.

If I got 8 rare [from donation only, untradable] allies from donating 3,500 times, you may likely need north or south of 440 donations on average.

10-02-2019, 02:34 PM
ohhhh. thank you again.
I was under the impression only plasmium,loops,matrix and circuit were used items for donation boxes.

Trove needs to educate their YouTube imbarassers better as they give so much bad info out its mind blowing.
Thank you for clearing this up for a console player.