View Full Version : OVERSIGHT: Blocks, that Leviathans can not destroy

09-19-2019, 04:56 PM
Time: PTS, 19th Sept 2019.
Context: There are at least 3 types of blocks that Leviathans can not destroy during a fight: Ice blocks created by ,,Illuri of the North Wind", gold blocks created by ,,Ganda, the Sky Shepherd" and all types of water blocks that you can produce by ,,Palashien, Soul of the Sea" (water Primodial Dragon).
Expected: I expected that at the very moment when the boss causes blocks to disappear, that Water, Ice and Gold blocks will also disappear.
Observed: Those mentioned blocks remain while other blocks disappear. Also: by using mentioned blocks, it is possible to create scenarios where players can shoot the boss from literally 2 blocks below the ceilling of the Lair.
Repro Steps:

i) Use Ganda to create a platform without bothering going through the other steps. Activate the Skulls and see how the boss can not destroy the blocks below Ganda.
ii) Place random blocks and shoot them with Palashien to create water core blocks. Activate the skulls and watch how this water is completelly unaffected by poor Leviathan.
iii) Place random blocks, shoot them with Palashien to turn them into water core blocks and then stand on those water core blocks with Illuri (make sure to have a different respawn timing while doing so, so you wont sink). Then activate the Skulls and see how all of Leviathans scratching attacks do not even slightly affect the mighty overpowered ice blocks of awesomeness.

Possible Solution: Let Leviathans be able to remove those blocks.
Screenshots: Yea, that water will stay there the whole fight, unless a player decides to remove it manually.

https://s17.directupload.net/images/190920/8hqgj23x.png (https://www.directupload.net)