View Full Version : OVERSIGHT: Leviathan dungeons can easily be permanently locked for all players

09-19-2019, 04:13 PM
Time: PTS, 19th Sept 2019.
Context: If someone places blocks over the purple portal inside the Leviathan boss room then all players that try to enter the Lair will be teleported to the next air block above the inner purple portal. Because walls on the sides are no longer destructible, people can no longer enter this dungeon the intended way.
Expected: I expected that with the indestructibility of the Leviathan Lair, the purple portal would become unblockable.
Observed: I blocked the purple portal as shown in the screenshot and saw how another player could no longer enter the Lair.
Repro Steps: Find a Leviathan Lair. Then place blocks over the purple portal just like in the screenshot (make sure there is no air block above the purple portal inside the Lair's boss room) and then watch in shameless joy how other players in full desperation and agony get teleported on the surface of the dungeon over and over again whenever they try to use the purple portal at the Lair's entrance. FOR ETERNITY!! MWUHAHAHAHA!! *cough cough*
Suggestion for a solution: Do not allow players to place blocks at the 2 spots that the purple portal does cover.

https://s17.directupload.net/images/190920/di8iixyg.png (https://www.directupload.net)