View Full Version : Oversight: Torches can be saved bayond their expire time

08-29-2019, 02:44 PM
Edit: This oversight has been taken care of with the patch of 30th August 2019.

Time: PTS, 29th August 2019.
Context: Fragile/Tempered Tendril Torches can be loot collected and after daily or weekly reset time, it can be re-taken out of the loot collector again. Since their expiration time is tied to the daily/weekly reset, the un-collected torch will set the 'next' daily/weekly reset time as new expiration date.
Expected: I expected that a torch with expired time would just vanish after undone the loot collecting.
Observed: Craft 1 Tempered Torch and never have this thing around forever.
Repro Steps: Wait until 5 minutes before daily reset time and then loot collect a Fragile Tendril Torch. Wait 10 minutes, until 5 minutes after the reset and then undo loot collecting this Torch. Watch your old fragile torch with refreshed 24h.

08-30-2019, 09:47 AM
They need to have it convert to an "Extinguished torch" or something, have it give 1000glim and or 2500flux and just be done w/ it. I don't know if they can fix that w/ the way items are coded in this game however.