View Full Version : WTT & WTS - Shadow Sword -> Shadow Staff (As well as some other things I am selling)

10-22-2014, 02:35 PM
I would prefer if you could just post offers or requests on the forums instead of PMs or whispers, but I will still answer anything if possible. (I will try to check in on the forums as often as possible).

Trading -
Colossal Champion's Key
457 Physical Damage
125 Stability
3 Movement Speed


Any shadow leveled staff (I honestly don't care whether its of equivalent value since I can't use swords on my dracolyte anyways.)

Selling -

Recipes- 75 flux unless specified (I'm willing to change price if need be.)
Barrack Racks
Ancient Bronze Totem
Storm Bed
Arctic Habitat Painting
Froggy Bath
Blue Dot Light
Splendid Sandcastles
Ornate Wood Columns
Arctic Commando Gnome
Model Tank
Fine Recliners
Frosted Banners
Sussurating Spirits (100)
Glowering Glare Jack (100)
Coveted Candy Bowl (100)
Moniter (150)

Post Note:
If anyone know what the value of the teddy bear collection pieces are, it would be great if someone could let me know. Thanks

IGN - MikuChu