View Full Version : Whats Up With Trove E3: Bubbly Constructive Feedback

03-18-2015, 04:28 PM
Hey everyone! Its your Fellow Podcasting Trovian, Tiny (Alan) Welcome back to Whats Up With Trove, Episode 3. Today, I brought a great friend with me Bubbles. Joins us as we talk about the new player experience in trove as well as some good ways to improve it.

-Quick Sidenote, My Mic was a tad bit too far away. I don't think I cut out too many times, but there are a couple towards the end of the show. Sorry =( il have that fixed next week for Episode 4.

-Other Quick Sidenote, I was accepted for the Soundcloud Podcasting/RSS Feed Beta!!! Cheer You can now find my show not only on soundcloud and YouTube. But Sticher, and hopefully before next week, Itunes too!

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