View Full Version : Oh nice ,new big update :) something you need to fix

03-08-2019, 03:37 AM
1-an update came and gave us power to change our color name to color we want
but it bugged if you got red name or purple name and lost it ,it stay on name above your head if you didn't change your color name and i saw a lot of people with purple name with 10k pr just cus they got purple for using some exploits that got fixed
(if you dont want to fix it at least reset all people color name to white to remove those 10k pr purple names)

2-Im sure old devs said you gonna be able to use old coins to buy new items ,but when i went to pts i wasn't able

3-you said you need to do patch to bring emblems back as an item so dont forget without foolish excuses

4-Club Chat bug im bored of having my club chat at c21319 i dont see that you talked about it hmm im sure i reported this long time ago and a lot of people did but we getting ignored like always

Thanks for your time :cool:

03-08-2019, 06:23 AM
Don't think they mentioned trading season 1 coins for season 2 coins. That would defeat the point of seasons. Plus it encourages people not to play BR which is a bad idea. People aren't even testing it even though it's practically the only thing worth testing in this update.

For more info on the cxxxx bug, the channel identifier is some absurdly long number is incredibly frustrating though where you type maybe /c1234 instead of /c5 to change to the club chat upon joining clubs and won't change unless you endlessly spam the button to decrease its position by 1. I'm not sure if the number corresponds to the number the club was made, or just a messed up variable that increases when it shouldn't. I noticed that the lesser used pts had a low /cxx id while live has cxxxx.

03-15-2019, 10:39 AM
2-Im sure old devs said you gonna be able to use old coins to buy new items ,but when i went to pts i wasn't able
Basically, you can trade in 2 bomber royale: season 2 coins for 1 bomber royale: season 1 coin. If you look, there are arrows on the top of the merchant UI that takes you from season 2 to season 1 items. This wasn't originally mentioned, but later added to the notes.