View Full Version : Club Portals at the Trove Hub Portal

01-02-2019, 12:36 AM
People are annoyed that if they'ved used a club portal from the hub, they won't spawn where the 'Aligning Astrolabe' was set.

Instead you'll be brought to where the Rally of Heros is.. the problem with that is clubs change over time and the location of the Rally of Heros may also change, but you'll still find yourself spawning where it used to be because of the trickery the hubs club portal used to set you there.

Personally, I watched a club owner change their hub design, move their spawn point.. I goto /respawn and I'm in the unused space where the rally used to be. But today I saw the clubs portal in the hub and now it's set to the new Rally of Heros location.. but that's not what people want, atleast not semi-permanently.

Can this behavoir be changed so it doesn't ignore set spawn locations by that Astrolabe if they haven't used the club portals in the hub to enter that club?

The use of Worldlink Portals, /respawning, Astrolabes.. none of it can overwrite whatever trickery the club portals in the hub uses to set the spawn for you (a visitor, even club owners can't spawn where they set their spawns if they've used the portals at the hub).

01-02-2019, 03:42 AM
It is a known bug from the "adventure update", which has already been reported. (October 2017)
Yes, it is annoying.

But thank you for bumping it up !