View Full Version : Water Stellar Gem (use golden gem key)

12-19-2018, 07:41 PM
what happend was theres a challenge that says i need to open up a shadow box to get a water stellar gem, it also said i needed to open it up with a golden gem key. The problem was i got the box, and the golden gem key, and i accidentally opened it up without using the gem key, and it gave me like a purple gem. I was trying to find out what i could do to fix the problem, and i hopped back on like 10 mins later and i couldn't find the gem, i hope someone could help me because if i wanna get another shadow box, i need to become power level 10K, and i'm only power level 500, so i'm not gonna get there anytime soon.

what i hope someone could do is redo my challenge for me, giving me my box back, so i could open it up the right way. please,

Thanks- Nofearzz :/