View Full Version : Post some awesome cornerstones

03-15-2015, 07:13 AM
I know I have posted most of these in my screen shot thread, but I want everyone to post their favorite/inspirational/weirdest cornerstones they have come across.

They could be yours if you wanted, but I would prefer posting ones you have seen out there.

If you get the names even better (I had all the names for the ones I did, no idea where the paper went)

So lets get this started not with a great thread opener, but some repeats :)

http://s5.postimage.org/tz9h4z2c7/2015_03_14_035154.png (http://postimage.org/image/3qycfli8j/full/)

http://s5.postimage.org/p1vwjv0d3/2015_02_26_045514.png (http://postimage.org/image/cahqdcqkz/full/)

http://s5.postimage.org/6nldfvo2f/2015_01_28_205150.png (http://postimage.org/image/8s5qgypoz/full/)

http://s5.postimage.org/zei75xtw7/2015_02_23_033749.png (http://postimage.org/image/k5s9s607n/full/)

http://s5.postimage.org/hpqgebi53/2015_02_19_060947.png (http://postimage.org/image/trlu8grdf/full/)

http://s5.postimage.org/d58vd4ntj/2015_01_28_205227.png (http://postimage.org/image/anx45v3wz/full/)