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09-26-2014, 08:46 AM
Patagonia = old alpha community world , currently building and adding to land size. We are looking for dedicated builders to join with us.
Patagonia has ALWAYS been heavy on the builds. however I can assist in any aspect of the game. Our club will be one that will be running a non step build project meaning something is always going on for creating and adding to the world. This is a club for the hardcore builders, those who want to build on there own or together with someone. I'm extremely helpful to anything asked and go out of my way to make any builders who join us happy and well supplied. I run a garden shop and building mats vaults for members to use for free (who else does this for there members ??, no one ! ). I tank for members anywhere they need me to. Ill take folks on mining runs for quick bulk runs of any mats. I also supply all tools and portals. We share all our dupe recipes for club members as well. Our previous builds in alpha were vast, a Colosseum railway station, glass pyramid shop, black castle, white temple, hot air balloons 32x32 size, high rise glass building filled with 2d art, rail ways over 15 min long, giant animal sculptures of a reindeer, killer whale, shark, lama, lion, elephant, The Sphinx, a roman bath house, yin yang alter , lava caverns , underground grottos, R2D2 , a out door soccer stadium , 5 white towers filled with designs, a musical bridge with two songs, a indoor glass park, Hobbes statue, water fall buildings , custom river designs, landscaping , material vault , multiple tool bench and portal shops and so on.
We will be only looking for those folks who are willing to build and have not had issues in the past with previous clubs. If you are interested you can start a trial week with us by send me a in game msg to Badante.

09-26-2014, 01:18 PM
Well when I log on tonight send a invite ingame name is friskydeath.