View Full Version : Barrier Generator does not stun

07-26-2018, 02:39 PM
Time: 26th July 2018, PTS
Context: In Moonglow Grotto in Tier 1 and in Tier 2. I used a Level 4 Barrier Generator module, which I did set for the M2 button.
Expected: 1) When I run towards a bombing or turret flower, the flower gets stunned as soon as the shield connects, stun particles appear over them and their detonation progress will get interrupted or their next shot gets delayed.
Expectation 2) Same as in (1) but the stun happens only when thebarrier is activated while standing right aside the flower.
Observed: Nothing happened to the turret flower in T2. Bombing flowers in T1 just get bumped around, but without stun.
Repro Steps: Have a Barrier Generator at level 4 and activate the Barrier Generator aside a flower.
Additional note: Barrier Generator's level 2 upgrading text in Module Forge does promise to stun things in T1 and T2 of caves, which does not happen.