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06-05-2018, 07:16 AM

I came up with an interesting idea (at least for me). New Trove-Geode Minecart game mode.

Trovian gets an upgradeable / non upgradeable Geode Minecart machine from the questline (Geodecart - let's call it like that for example). The Moonglow Grotto, Sunken Sunvault and Verdant Veins not only contain a caves that Trovian can explore by walking, but also a long and big minecart tunnels.

- The Trovian can't leave his Geodecart, he is stuck in it.

- The Geodecart move with XX movement speed and it cannot be changed.

- The minecart tunnels have Tiers 1-5.

- How long will Trovian survive depends on how much his GAS (Geodian Acclimation System) is upgraded.

- GAS = HP

- The minecart tunnels (~ caves) contains all materials that can be found in normal caves, but there are many of them and they are in groups.

- Trovian acquires materials / ores by throwing bombs (YES! Geode with bombs!)

- 2 types of bombs for organical / non organic materials.

And more.

Acces to minecart tunnels can be acuired:

a) Always.
b) By using a Minecart Ticket (on a special NPC) that drop from Lesser Crystal Caches as a rare drop.
c) Crafting a Ticket (bad idea).

Gameplay can be pretty boring. Trovian start in Geodecart and during his travel, he can throw the bombs to get the materials.
To protect the Geodecart from the projectiles, Trovian can use his Barrier Generator.

There is a lot more to write, it's just a part for now.


06-05-2018, 08:20 AM
Hmm... The cart thing sounds really cool and it's something that seems like it could be done easily enough by just forcing the mag rider and making you unable to move off of rails with it, while the bombs could just be a left click for that mode.

However, I have a better idea for the gameplay. How about, instead of it being slow, it was fast and exciting? Your GAS is your health. It drains over time, just like in the caves, but faster to reflect the faster gameplay.

You throw bombs at ores and plants to gather them and use an item grabbing hook to grab powerups such as a small GAS heal and a temporary speed boost. You get 1 jump, which you can use to avoid hazards such as holes in the track or random lava/spikes. If you fall off of the track, you either die, lose a little GAS and immediately respawn back on the track, or get sent to the start of the Tier.

GAS upgrades increase your health. Omni-tool upgrades make your bombs more powerful. Claw upgrades improve the hook, reducing the cooldown, energy cost(the hook and bombs cost energy to prevent spam), etc. Energy upgrades improve energy. Rocket boot upgrades improve your jump. The 1 ability items: Barrier Generator, Pathpainter, and Thumper, would still exist, but in slightly different forms. Barrier Generator would work as expected, making you immune to hazards for a short time. Thumper would reveal secret materials, allowing you to get more stuff. Pathpainter would boost movement speed temporarily.

Now, I'm not saying that making a new mode would be easy. It obviously wouldn't be. However, it would give players who prefer skill over grind another option in getting the new materials, so I believe it would be worth the effort.

06-05-2018, 09:11 AM
Mag Raider movement speed on a rail is around 140-150 and it decrease while jumping etc. There is a lot of more details to talk, and no one said it must be slow. The movement speed should be adjusted.

The most difficult for sure will be making a 3 (or even more) tunnels / caves with open area. Making 1 area will consume a thousands of different blocks, so building 1 map will consume a lot of time and work.