View Full Version : PTS Patch Notes - June 4, 2018

06-04-2018, 07:50 PM
Additional Updates

Fixed an issue where other players were not shown in the correct location in the client.
Revenant: Spirit Storm no longer taunts enemies.
The bug with Spirit Storm and Spirit Spears cancelling the knockback immunity has been fixed.
A Bomber Royale portal has been added to the Bomber Royale Merchant.
Some issues with /geodemastery and /mastery have been resolved.
Changed the decon value for Norari, Carys, and Xendri based on the rarity of their fragments.
Lowered the amount of experience required to charge common reliquaries to 150 (from 250) and uncommon reliquaries to 300 (from 500). Rares remain unchanged.
Changed around some lairs in the Geode Caves so the resources are more apparent and increased the amount of ore in ore lairs.
Fixed an issue with buying back items.
The Thumper mining upgrades should now correctly give 15% and 15% again correctly.
Removed the global announcements from the Light Chaos Vault uncommon rewards to reduce chat spam.