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06-04-2018, 06:30 AM
First I don't think plasmium should be in chaos chests it's already overflowing and thusly has become market place trash. 2) With everything that requires despoiled divinity it needs to be more accessible than three a week 16 week for a dragon 2 weeks for a costume is ridiculous. 3) dragon fragments need to be placed on a numerical timeline rather than total rng and less is more, what does it matter if people have the fragments it will either be time locked or cash walled for dragon coins and mats anyways. 4) there really should be some thought put into the br rewards personally I suck at your versions of pvpand playing 100-700 matches of a broken game mode that is laggy and or won't fill up enough to get a match I have waited 30 mins to get a match in regular pvp with only 10 players required let alone 15 players just to get a match to start it's plain stupid to charge hundreds of coins per reward 300 for the dragon is 100 first place matches 300 top 10 and god knows how many if your bad at the game mode.5) from watching hours and hours of pts live streams the fire bomb plants need to be greatly reduced as well as the costs of the crystollogy items mounts pets etc. There should also be quick travel having to travel 3-5 mins to get 20-80 mats that you need thousands of is not entertaining let alone condusive of replayability. 6) makes all store packs available at all time get rid of the "weekly" deals just leave them up the flash deals are fine for randomness and just like the extralife packs seasonal packs should remain available. I and many others are missing a lot of mastery because of those packs and because they're not available you're all missing extra cash flow.

That all said trove is one of my favorite games ever even with the constant dc's rampant corporate greed, virtual lack of player consideration and feed back. You all at trion have created an amazing, entertaining, captivating, and grind worthy game I have roughly 2000 hours and ba decent hit to my wallet in this game and I want to be able to continue playing for at least the next few years please guys and gals of trion just think about your consumers before you put your plans in action run some analytics on what the players want and like before you end up sending all your player base running for the hills.

06-04-2018, 03:59 PM
1. Plasmium from Chaos Chests is a small drop in the bucket for what you can obtain through other sources. The CC table has a pretty large pool of resources to pull from, that being one of many, making it fairly insignificant. You also need a lot to craft everything related to the Heroes update, including beacons, which is a perpetual sink that needs 500p each.

2. Agree. Even with the rare events, which gives 1 DD at most, this really needs to be addressed, especially for new players. At least it's not involved in too much power rank.

3. I don't really understand this one. This statement is self-contradictory. You want dragon fragments to be based on a timeline, which is essentially a timelock, especially for how many dragons are already available. You then point out being timelocked to dragon coins and resources.

A few things to consider here:

- In Geode, they did a pretty large overhaul to make dragon progression feel more rewarding, which was the largest complaint players had, including myself.

To help improve the dragon fragment collection experience and sense of progression, we have increased the drop rates considerably. However, this also means that the amount needed to craft the below list of dragons has also been increased. Any old dragon fragments for the below list of dragons can now be Loot Collected for the new fragments at a ratio of 5 new fragments for 1 old fragment. This increase in the drop rates also means that the Greater Dragon Cache will now give 5x more dragon fragments for the below list of dragons. These changes also apply to Gathering Day (Tuesday) and Dragon Day (Friday).
Baesmuth, the Shaper's Gift

- Dragons coins do take some time to get, but aren't crazy time-gated. If you're doing the challenge regularly, especially on Fridays, as well as taking advantage of the dragon coin tomes and/or spending your cubits on dragon coins, it adds up. Spending crash is not necessary.

- You mentioned mats, but that's not going to change regardless if dragons were on a timeline or not. Of course there's going to be a cost, there needs to be some effort.

4. Going to break this one down too.

- You're comparing Bomber Royale, which is considerably more balanced, fast paced, and easily more approachable to the playerbase to a gamemode that was in every conceivable way the opposite, which I won't even get into for how long it'd take.

- The lag is being addressed, which was discussed in the last few streams. They've also put in a fair amount of effort to address this in Geode too.

- The rewards can be adjusted down the road, but it's important to consider all sources first. If you're regularly playing the mode, where you're staying alive moderately well, getting a kill here and there, in addition to utilizing the weekly coin tome and leaderboard rewards, it does add up after a while. Lastly, and most importantly, excluding the tome, all the rewards are tradable, so you do have the option of not participating, if you're willing to substitute flux for coins.

5. I encourage you to play the update yourself before judging gameplay solely on someone's stream, especially when there's a lot of unknowns, being that it's a new update, but I do understand some of your concerns.

- The fire flowers are pretty damn annoying early on, which is hopefully being adjusted. Although, once you progress far enough, especially in mining speed, they do become manageable.

- I'd consider the mounts & costumes to be something you focus in late-Geode, more as a chase-item. The only concern I see is the crystal cost, which is the only material related to those items that isn't tradable. Even with crystal pinatas, critters, crystal caches, deconstructing companions and using Thumper, it can get a bit grindy.

- That's the gameplay loop design. You're constantly repeating exploration, but getting faster and further doing so. At higher tier rocket boots, hook, pathpainter, and even shield generator, you'll rush through tiers really quickly. It's not for everyone, but it does improve. That's not to say there can't be improvement.

I'd like to see a craftable end-game item that allows you to skip through tiers, but it'd likely require some new tech that I don't think they have time for at this point.

6. Don't really have an opinion on this, there's a lot of marketing strategy that goes behind these decisions. I'd like to think it draws in more attention & demand when these packs are available, and encourages players to buy them before they disappear again, on top of many other reasons, but that's not something I'm going to really get into. Most of the packs usually come around again, or the items get re-distributed via other methods, such as Luxion.

06-04-2018, 06:37 PM
1. Chaos chests are already so full of random trash and mats in amounts of 2-15 that they had to remove items because of the lag it caused adding more especially plasmium just seems counter productive

3. What I meant was simply you bomb/kill/harvest X amount of ore/enemy/plant you get a frag, not you bomb 10k and some random passing by gets a frag but you still don't also the mats cost isn't a problem it is simply a light time gate on newer players I didn't mean to imply that they were a part of the problem the only problem with frags is that they're rng based instead of gather1000/ kill 200 get a frag 20 hours over 4 Fridays farming spiders with 0 frags to show is very irritating

4. I realize it's apples to oranges but between the lack of interest in PvP within trove the fact that trion can not provide a less than moderate-super laggy server the items being tradeable has little to no meaning if only half a dozen people will be playing it after the first month to many players required to start and rewards are far to overpriced imo

Honestly thanks for all your personal feedback comply and I'm glad at least someone else agrees with at least some of my concerns