View Full Version : PTS Patch Notes - June 1, 2018

06-01-2018, 10:59 PM
Additional Updates

Rocket Boots can no longer be used outside of the Geode Caves.
Revenant Changes:

Fixed the issue with Spears and Storm not blocking knockback.
Fixed the issue with Life Leech persisting while dead.
Increased the damage on the Aegis Assault DOT effect by 100%.
Increased the damage on Bulwark Bash and Aegis Assault by 25%.

The Companion section under Styles now has an icon.
Upgrade costs for companions have been revised.
Silver Companion Eggs now deconstruct properly.
Plasmium has been added to Chaos Chests.
Workbenches should no longer display "Cannot be Traded" for items that can be traded.
Recipes for the Bovine Buildmaster and Rocket Drill have been added to Crystallogy.
Fixed an issue where player data was sent twice when a player entered a world. This will moderately reduce lag spikes when a player enters a world.