View Full Version : PTS Patch Notes - May 31, 2018 Part 2

05-31-2018, 10:38 PM
Additional Updates

The companion upgrades which reduced Thumper costs have been replaced with reduced Climbing Claw costs due to the Thumper no longer taking N-Charge.
Lodestars and Accelerite now have tooltips in the Incubator and Reliquary Revealer.
The Crystallogy Adventure Box and Advanced Crystallogy Adventure Box recipes have been removed.
Fixed the issue with Zepperay critters still activating their behavior ability when the player is using the blanket.
Fixed an issue that allowed players to use rocket boots without using any energy.
Fire Flowers should no longer target players under the effect of a fully upgraded Path Painter.
The displayed reveal time for the Luminous and Shimmering Reliquaries have been corrected.
Fixed an issue where the player could spawn in to a club world while dead and could not respawn.
Bomber Royale now uses the Ctrl-B hotkey.
Heart-a-Phones and Club Phones can now only be used at a rate of 3 every 45 seconds.
Updated the block effects from Path Painter to not overlap from different players.
The Bovine Buildmaster can now place plants again. Let the Bull Fertilizer jokes commence.
Light Chaos Vaults now cost 10 Diamond Dragonite to craft rather than 25.
Sous Chef Saltina (located next to Lazul) now has the correct hand and foot color.