View Full Version : PTS Patch Notes - May 30, 2018

05-30-2018, 07:21 PM
Additional Updates

The stats given by Xendri have been fixed.
Carys and Norari have been added to the Golden Dragon Effigy and moved to Legendary Dragons in collections.
Players can now pass through VFX blocks.
The Barrier Generator can no longer be used to destroy turrets.
The Chaotic Construct costume now shows VFX for Spirit Storm.
Removed bogus airlocks past the final tier 5 airlock.
Revenant: Spirit Spears has been changed to be a toggle-able ability.
The blocks destroyed leaderboard no longer includes blocks destroyed in Bomber Royale.
Fixed an issue that could allow vengeful ghosts in Bomber Royale.
Space Expanders now function.
Space Expanders can now be deconstructed in to 5,000 crystals.
Companions can no longer be used to push around the Thumper.
Reduced the "low gas" warning to 10%.
Silver Companion Eggs now deconstruct in to 250 crystals.
The damage vfx for Fire Flowers in the Geode Caves are now high priority.
The Builderite tome recipe now requires Chronozite instead of Geminite.
The Level 8 Omni-tool no longer requires ancient gears.
The 50% Crystal Potion recipe has returned to Crystallogy.
Crystallogy crafted adventure boxes recipes have been adjusted.
Adventures crafted by Crystallogy now award adventurine.
Tomes crafted from Crystallogy now unlock the tome in collections rather than granting an untradable item.
Mounts crafted from Crystallogy now unlock the mount in collections.
The Great Geodian Pack now has a tradeable Day Drop Download tome.
Returned the Geodian Stone Pillar Light and Geodian Table Center recipes to the Geodian Workbench.
Added the Organic Cave Kelp Cultivar and Solidarity Scale Model recipes to the Geodian Workbench.