View Full Version : [Suggestion] Bomber Royale

Archaic Evil
05-30-2018, 10:29 AM
1. Bomber Royale match begins 5 minutes after the first person arrives in the queue.

2. Rewards are based on the number of players in the match. The top half get rewards. If the match has fewer than 10 players, first place gets 2 coins instead of 3, and 2nd on only get one.

3. Rate of decay increases if there are fewer players.

I really enjoy Bomber Royale. And thank you so much for allowing us to MOVE while we wait for a match to start. This is a huge improvement over the old PVP. However, already people are stuck waiting because there aren't enough players, begging and offering to pay people to join matches to start. This is the same problem we had with PVP in the past, not enough players willing to join. Trions solution? Require twice as many players. This is only going to end in frustration and dissapointment, unfairly aimed at the PVP.

We don't need 20 players to have fun in this pvp mode. Even with five people, we can have fun. You could increase the rate of decay based on the number of people too. I understand that the rewards are set so that the top 10 get rewards, and that means you cannot run a match with fewer than ten people, or they would just suicide to farm coins. But why have top ten get rewards? why not have the top 50% get rewards? If 8 players join, and a certain wait time has passed (5 minutes?) the match starts. The decay rate is doubled, and the top 4 get coins. Perhaps in a game that has half the required players, 1st place gets 2, all others in top half get 1. Obviously a match with 1 person cannot happen, so set a reasonable minimum, like 5. Currently 15 is the minimum, and it is way to high. There aren't 10 people at any one time that want to PVP.

This way, farming with few people is actually slower than with a full group, and thus less desirable. But if we can continue to play this very fun new PVP, even if not many others do.