View Full Version : [Feedback] interface and menus

Archaic Evil
05-30-2018, 10:11 AM
1. Geode inventory tab should be relocated to crafting tab as a geode page.

2. Geode equipment tab should be relocated to character sheet under a geode tab.

3. While in geode caves, Q item slot should be first, not last to match keyboard setup.

4. On console, please consider changing quick use items in caves to left/right bumper instead of left/right D-pad.

5. Can we have a personal chest in the Geode hub?


This new personal inventory tab for the geode materials is inconsistent with the current set-up. Everything gathered in geode caves is a crafting component. Long ago trove moved away from having crafting components take up inventory space, to remove the frustration of deleting crafting components because of a lack of space. This is a step backwards in player QoL. Please don't do this.

The equipment tab being on the inventory side instead of the character side is also inconsistent with the current feel of menus in trove. All equipment is in character sheet, so why this new set in crafting? It just doesn't make any sense. it also clutters the inventory, making it take longer to find things. We will almost never be looking at that page, since there is no customization/swapping in it. The only time we will look at these things is when we are upgrading them at the module workbench. Unless you plan on allowing us to upgrade them in our own inventory while spelunking (which I don't think you should), it is just in the way.

The keyboard goes Q-R-T and the UI goes R-T-Q. It's silly, but I keep hitting the wrong buttons, since they are out of order. In trove, they are in order. But in geode you swapped Q to the wrong side. Please fix this.

As a console player, I am thinking about how this will translate on to a controller. it seems to me that the most used buttons are M1/M2 (obviously) followed by the critter-helping items. Very rarely are we using the thumper/stuff. It would be a lot more convenient if the most used skills (in geode, these are items) were on the Left/Right Bumper instead of D-pad. Some will probably disagree, so a personal option to pick would be a great compromise, I think.

If we are to be spending long periods of time in Geode, it would be nice to have access to our Trove chest for marketplace/whatever.