View Full Version : PTS player item tests

05-30-2018, 09:05 AM
on the pts players should be avable to test all box's such as gem box's caches chaos etc, reason's if enoth players agree/dissagree on weather sommething needs a buff or nerf it would make more sence that the players does the testing over devs duo to the fact that we are the once who spend the most time grinding/playing to earn/get set items therefor i feel like when the pts is open any player should be allowed to test everything that has to do with it this would also include gear weapons so on and so forth helping you devs or a closed offline downloadable version of trove with everything unlocked for those that are willing to test in dept how good/bad items are such as again caches box's so on and so forth i would rather want it to be within the pts so anything can be changed to the players liking and so it would become more agreeable,
i would also like to point out that currently there is way too little items that are tradeable and i would like for this to not be the case as it might let new players down that they have set items that they dont want but cant sell chaos box's low tier gem box's etc (not shadow+) also the gem booster box and re-gemerator should become tradeable and the re-gemerator should become purchaseable for 5000 flux from the allerady shop that exist or a new npc located in the hub.
PS, i hope this will be read thru and thought about since it would make more sence with the pts and re-gemerator. rest is just pure thought etc still more tradeable stuff would be nice as well.

05-30-2018, 11:46 AM
PTS is to test new content, not to "test" boxes that have been in the game for years. The whole reason the devs made PTS a limited-time server is becasue people treated it like a "Free Items" server, and some would spend more time on it than they did on the live server. That's also why they disabled the shop this time around. There's no much-needed feedback coming from players who sit around opening boxes all day.