View Full Version : Teleporting below The ground of the Geode Hub

05-29-2018, 08:39 PM
I just ran into an akward bug just now....

If I right click from this position to use my Fae ability (Screenshot 1) then I appear a few blocks in front of my initial position.

I suddenly end up below the ground below the Geode Hub with an invisible wall over my head. Where I can glide around till I run out of jumps and die painfully in utmost despair.

Reproduction steps:
Stand where I stand in Screenshot 1 (East end at the top of Hub) and look in the exact same direction where I look. Then blink (right click).

Further notes:

Media: Screenshots:

Screenshot 1:
Getting started here and look in this direction. Then blink.

Screenshots 2 and 3:
You can fly around below the ground (also outside the Hub area) but you can never jump back to the surface.


Screenshot 4:
Eventually you run out of jumps. And everyone knows what happens over an abyss without jumps.

06-01-2018, 03:01 PM
I can actually add on to this bug. If you go up on top of the hub, jump 10 times or so, then teleport into the barrier in mid-air(teleporting in such a way that you end up inside of the barrier is what causes this, by the way), it will put you on top of the barrier instead, allowing you to fly above the surface of Geode as if it was a deadlier Sea of Regret. This bug, along with every other bug that allows you to explore outside of the hub, is likely caused by the barrier either having a width of 0 or not technically being a block, causing items and teleports to go right through/into it.

However, while I am elaborating on and potentially making the main Geode hub exploration bug much easier to fix, I don't really want to see it fixed... I like the idea of being able to explore the surface of Geode early, resulting in my almost certain death. I feel like this bug, and equally importantly, the killzone outside of the barrier, actually adds to the atmosphere(no pun intended) by reinforcing the idea that you need to prepare for Geode and allowing the player to see what happens should they just decide to ignore all that and explore the surface of an alien planet without the proper equipment. Maybe try to make sure it doesn't put you under the map, though. That particular part probably should be fixed.