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05-29-2018, 08:02 PM
Here my Geode Update Feedback:

Geode grass drops Trove mode bombs, but you can not use bombs in Geode caves
PvP Dragon is a must-have in terms of Power Rank Ranking, direct Coefficient (it gives +5% Crit Damage), indirect Coefficient via Mastery level and of course for mastery Ranksing itself. By adding this Dragon with these stats it is a must-have for wide varity of players and by no means an optional thing. In short: It forces players into PvP - a thing that is said to be optional.
Cave systems look practicly all the same. Just the blocks have different coulors
NPCs in the new hub can walk around - this is nice - unfortunally the pathfinding makes them hit a wall very often and they get stuck running against a wall forever
It is a nice feature to see a note when things like Adventure Reliquaries are completed. I also like the new symbols and notifications for the hourly challenges.
Pressing N and going to the Geode Tab does show a blank page. Not sure if its a bug or if there just isn't anything there yet.
Time Reducing items at the Reliquary Revealer have no mouse-hovering window appearing and clicking something does instantly use that material without asking in a confirmation window. I recommend adding both: a mouse-over text that tells you the details of an item and a confirmation window asking to really use it before you actually do.
Helping Critters is an awesome idea, but it feels like the reward of 1-2 bound Lesser Crystal Cache is too less. Also, Crystals gained by opening these caches do not fill Adventure Reliquaries. The amount of Crystals in these caches are less than 10 by my observation so far, which makes it questionable if these poor lost critters can ever expect the help of Trovians once they finished their Expertise Quests :(
It would be really awesome if we had some kind of breakdown of all the ressources we gathered during one Cave Expedition. Something that compares your ressources at the beginning of a expedition and gives you a list of the differences when you leave the cave on both ways: running out of GAS or returning via H. If possible, ressources from chests should not count for this.
You can let yourself just drop down a steep cliff and use your 1 single jump to perform an air-jump just before hitting the ground. It is a nice feature, but this might actually not have been intended.
Using the Thumper does often leave the quite cloud-thingies behind after mining an ore.
Thumper's description should indicate that it only temporary reveals ores in range but permanently reveals hidden crystals.
Some spots around the Geode Hub are too close to the barrier so you can not even jump to the next floor with the barrier in your neck. just 5 blocks space would already solve this. I assume that this will no longer be an issue if you expand the whole surface of Geode next update, but for now it is a nuisance.
I love having a 'Completed' tick aside the Tome bar, after it was - indeed - completed

About Trove overall:

There are so many Dragons now and Geode brings 4 more dragons. The main source that you consult to plan your dragon needs is the Dragon Crucible, but you can only find the crafting materials, but not where to get these fragments from. Practicly each Fragment says 'you can use this to craft a dragon in the Dragon Crucible' but not, where to actually get that/those fragment/s. Can you add a little info in the Dragon Crucible, or at the Fragment description itself, where to obtain those fragments please?

05-30-2018, 06:18 PM
I agree with the dragon comment. Please add how to actually obtain the fragments to the dragon descriptions.