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05-29-2018, 09:02 AM
I have a wonderful 4 letter word for this update.


Geode is crap for many reasons than one. And I'll be listing them here.

1. Time Gates - To many times gates! 9 hours for Companion Eggs, 4 hours for Reliquaries, must I talk about the Light Chaos Vault and its dragon? Diamond Dragonite and Despoiled Divinity doesn't grow on trees!!! And must I just grind hours, and days, and weeks, and months for a DRAGON?

2. Bomber Royale - Due to limited PTS players, I didn't get much BR action but I'm neutral here. I think it was only added to keep Geode from being all "mine this" and "break that". Bomber Royale's Storekeeper items are a bit too pricey. Provided you win every time, you would need about 1,100 Bomber Coins (not counting the Blastadium Banners).

3. Geode's System - All Geode itself is is a mining simulator. Geode is basically a mobile experience! So no, just no. This isn't helping us go to Uber-10 unless it provides visuals (since supposedly U10 will be on the surface of Geode). If these alleged accusations are correct, I would like to never play Trove again. Geode's cave system is the same for every single cave, only a retexture of ores and plants. If I wanted retextures, I would go onto Terraria and download Tremor! The mining system itself is flawed. I mmust spend hours gaining ores, going back, using those ores, going back to the caves, gaining more ores, going back, in an endless loop of torture and boredom!!!

4. Companions - Kill these things before they spread to the outside world.

5. Crystallogy and Geode Mastery - One, it's called Crystallography in real life. Learn your sciences Trion! Second, Geode Mastery is literally a joke!!! Why must we have a separate mastery? And what is that I see? Normal Mastery points too? So this has suddenly felt like a forced gamemode! I don't want to be in the caves for months JUST TO GET SOME STINKING MASTERY.

6. Geode Store Tab - What are you hiding Trion? Will Metamatter and Accelerite be bought from the Store? Will it cost Credits? Will it be Pay to Win? What are you hiding.

7. Summary - Trove is in a downward decline. I mainly play the PTS when it's open and even then it is only open for 1-2 weeks every 6-8 months. Geode is basically a mining simulator in the game that is at this point just a side-plot. Nothing useful, nothing good, nothing at all. Bomber Royale must've only been added just so the update didn't feel completely empty. Geode is a waste of time and is just boring. And I can imagine the Pay to Win we'll be getting here. I can only imagine what the next update will hold in store, and in the store.

8. TL;DR - Everything sucks and Geode should never be released.

R.I.P. Shaper's Stars - Mantle of Power to Heroes