View Full Version : [Bug] When your companion is equipped in caves only the gas bonuses show

05-27-2018, 05:55 PM
Time : After the May 26th patch
Context: In any geode cave system
Expected: I expect to see all bonuses I have for the specific companion
Observed: Only the gas bonuses show up and possibly they are the only ones to apply the effect.
Repro Steps: Upgrade a companion beyond level 2 and equip in cave, observe only the gas bonuses show. I also did a test to see if one of the allies with -10% thumper cool-down actually worked. Threw thumper out , 33 seconds until I could use again without companion equipped. With the companion equipped that gives you -10% cooldown it's still 33 seconds until you can use the thumper again. Companion tested : Supersonic Howlug ( the rare slug)

I want to thank all of you devs again that read these, test out , and ultimately fix these issues. We appreciate you!