View Full Version : PTS Patch Notes - May 26, 2018

05-25-2018, 05:48 PM
Additional Updates

Fixed some typos in the Companion upgrade descriptions.
Fixed the material cost of the tier 8 upgrade for Omni-tool to not take tier 5 materials.
Reduced the Bomber Royale PvP Tome purchase cost down from 20 to 10 Bomber Royale Coins.
Fixed the Barrier Generator to give energy on hit for upgrades 4 and 9.
Updated the wording on reliquary tooltips to use the phrasing "Reveal time" instead of "Time left".
Mastery Reliquaries are no longer granted in stacks, but instead as individual claims.
Geode Mastery now shows messages in the lower right corner of the screen.
The Metamatter Manifesto recipe now appears on the Crystallogy workbench.
Tome recipe costs and payouts have been adjusted.
The metamatter cost of Lodestar crafting has been reduced.
Geode Frameworks, Basic, and Advanced recipes on the Geodian Workbench now all have their own unlockers crafted from the Crystallogy Bench.
The costs of reliquaries and their loot tables have been adjusted.
The recipes on the Geodian Hub workbench are no longer unlocked by default and now grant Trove Mastery again.
Companion tooltips and the loadout UI once again show upgraded stats for companions.
A /geodemastery command has been added similar to the /mastery command.
The Barrier Generator module now also blocks damage to N-Charge.
Companions now actually stay equipped when re-entering caves.