View Full Version : PTS Patch Notes - May 23, 2018 Part 2

05-23-2018, 07:12 PM
Additional Updates

Fixed an issue that allowed people to infinitely use the Climbing Claw.
Fixed an issue that could cause players to spawn outside of the glass cage during Bomber Royale.
Added flora lairs to Geode!
Increased the crystals in the lairs!
Fixed an issue that causes some critters in caves to spawn with no interaction methods.
The VFX for anti-gravity blocks have been revised.
The Geodian Building Notes recipe now displays the correct icon on the Crystallogy Bench.
Both the Normal and Advanced Adventure Boxes on the Crystallogy Bench now appear in their categories correctly.
Companions now deconstruct at the Forever Home Finder for crystals. The amount is based on their rarity and star rating.
Updated pickup crystals and eggs in caves to not be destroyed by the Omni-Tool.
The Thumper should no longer get in the way of the Omni-Tool.
The new Geode Leaderboards now have appropriate icons.
Geode Frameworks now correctly state that they are usable in Club Worlds only.
Recipe costs for the Crystallogy workbench apart from costumes and mounts have been adjusted.
Recipe costs for crafting Modules have been adjusted. Recipes for leveling Modules are still in progress.
Fixed a bunch of typos.
Shaper's Star Keys now deconstruct into 5 Titan Souls.
The name color for purple names has changed slightly to be more readable.
The subclass icon should now display the appropriate class.