View Full Version : PTS Patch Notes - May 22, 2018 Part 2

05-22-2018, 06:56 PM
Additional Updates

Bond Crystalizer now has a better tooltip to tell players how to acquire it.
The Geodian Framework Vault is now under Crystallogist rather than Dabbler in the Crystallogy profession.
Module Upgrades now correctly refer to the Climbing Claw instead of Hookshot.
Lodestar and Accelerite are now back in the Geode Inventory.
The Crystal Pinata weapon styles now recognize the proper weapon types.
The Geodian Workbench and Decommissioned Pathpainter are now properly named.
Optimized some power rank code. This will improve server frame times, which means slightly decreased lag.
More information about reliquaries has been added to tooltips.
The Lodestar's tooltip has been updated to state it only works with Bronze Companion Eggs rather than all Companion Eggs.
The loadout UI wil no longer appear again on relogging in to a Geode cave.
Companion tooltips should now show what bonuses they grant.
The loadout UI will now show additional upgraded companion bonuses.
Turned off the Jelotl VFX projectile.
The recipe for the Polar Caterkiller mount has been moved to the Legacy Collectables workbench on the Chaos Core Crafter.
Companion and Reliquary selections will no longer reset between trips in to the Geode Caves.
Class experience gained in Bomber Royale is now adjusted to reflect the current class' level.
Fixed the Bomber Royale Kills and Bomber Royale Bombs Thrown leaderboards.