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05-22-2018, 04:31 PM
The gas system limits how far you could potentially go, other factors are the choices the player makes...

for example:
auto-forward goes at 4 blocks per second
jump/hooking propels you further at 6 blocks per second
dodging before jump/hook finishes propels you further at 8 blocks per second
Barrier Gen lv 3 goes 5 blocks per second
Barrier Gen lv 7 goes 6 blocks per second

So in the context of gas usage being the same, the player has to choose if they want to potentially take twice as long to get to their destination.

But if thats true, then they'll have to take potentially twice as many trips for the same materials, which means a majority of the players time is wasted going to the relevant materials, and those choices get potentially worse with each tier.

As a player who makes the choice not to use the neon ninja class to go from dungeon to dungeon due to its multiples of input required between dungeons, I don't like this aspect of gas being a limiter.. especially when this content lacks other rewards like Chaos Chests, Lustrous Boxes, Tome Progress, and Gem Dust.

I don't use the NN because my RSI flares up quicker, so when I was doing the questline and having to repeatidly goto T2 I would use the hook/dodge to get everywhere since the caves are vast and sparse in materials and I was flaring up. So I personally don't care for the future content compounding this issue when I decide to scale back my efforts to get ahead of the gas limiter.

I decided not to go into T3 territory, so if anyone could enlighten me on future 'tools/upgrades' to bypass the meaningless content it would be appreciated.

I did some trials to get the MS numbers with the /debug location info, I also had lagged through some blocks one time and noticed the cave system is a series of tubes.. but.. stacking alts and drilling through doesn't work since the outter layer is indestructable.

05-22-2018, 05:56 PM
Not sure if this person mimic'd me when we met or just happenstance, but during one of my trials I caught someone else dodging to get ahead also

clipped through some blocks by dodging after a hook into an incline to see the 'outside' view.

05-23-2018, 11:36 AM
I did some practice runs with a friend who has the pathpainter, then we raced a couple times

one of those times was a straightaway


then we agree to go from hub to Tier 2, after he upgraded his n-charge to T4

I didn't keep my cooldowns sync'd so I was a little behind at the end on this one

I am open to racing anyone who does have all the upgrades etc, to see if upgrades are even worth their salt.