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05-22-2018, 05:58 AM
I decided to divide my feedback in different threads instead act as a one. However, there are still other feedbacks and suggestions that I would like to give and it would be too open a thread on each element

- Sort botton not work at moment

- VFX of Ulti of new costume of Revenant (Chaotic Construct) is invisibile

- I am against the content of the greater crystal cache because it is insignificant, there is not much difference from the lesser crystal cache. I was expecting something rare, difficult to obtain normally, and instead a stupid material of tier 2.

- [suggestion] The window that appears at the beginning of the cave with inside the various tools, companions, reliquaries, it would be great to have a key to open this window even after entering in to the depths of the caves, only to see at what point is the progress of the reliquiary, or read what the modules do if we forget their usefulness.

- [opinion] I think that the rate of crystals and materials used in crafting is so good, I do not think it needs to increase the number of resources to craft an object.
The materials are made slowly but it is not too slow to farm all that amount, if you focus on farming a specific mineral you do a lot. Nice job ;)

- Map in Sanctuary not work

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