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05-22-2018, 05:55 AM
These are my feedback on the modules, but I also open this thread to keep all the feedback on the modules. Everything about the modules

- The climbing claw does not always work, maybe because of lag (?)
I think the climbing claw no have sense that it consumes energy, if it can also be used with -1 of energy. You could do, when you do not have energy you can not use it anymore, but it would only bother the other most used modules that consume energy

- I do not know if it's an error, but once you've equipped the rocket boots, when you are in the air, maybe when you use the climbing craw or you fall from a ledge you lose 1 jump

- In the Module forge window, it makes no sense that the module starts at level 1, it only confuses you when you upgrade them. I mean, when a module get to level 4 they have only 3 power ups and not 4 as you might think.
So I would recommend starting from level 0 and then with the first upgrade go up to level 1, with the second upgrade to level 2, the third to level 3, etc ..