View Full Version : [Feedback] Reliquary

05-22-2018, 05:54 AM
These are my feedback on the reliquary, but I also open this thread to keep all the reliquary feedback. Everything related to the reliquary

- It would be great to have a percentage or number in the description of the reliquiary to understand at what point it is with progress. The bar does not tell me much, you do not understand very well, and it is uncomfortable to always go to the cave to check.

- Once placed the reliquiary in the reliquary incubator you can not remove it (?)
It would be nice to be able to remove it, perhaps with the typical message: "Are you sure you want to remove it? If you do, you will have to wait again for the opening time!" or in any case with the cons of losing the time we have waited and having to start over.
or if you want to be bad, with the possibility of losing the reliquiary: P

- I think that the reliquiary should not give materials of the tier 1 or anyway very common materials like the day drop or the glamstone. I found myself waiting 6 hours for an uncommon reliquiary to open and then find 1200 day drop, a very common material in the caves, and if I want I can do it in 10 minutes.