View Full Version : PTS Patch Notes - May 21, 2018

05-21-2018, 07:23 PM
Additional Updates

Added The leaderboard name colors for Total Mastery and Geode Mastery have been updated to match the colors in the character sheet.
Fixed bug where kill blocks were sometimes created placing track blocks with the Bovine Buildmaster.
You no longer take fall damage if you have significantly slowed your falling speed with your Rocket Boots.
The camera should no longer flash odd colors when viewed under cave milk.
Eggs or Reliquaries already placed can no longer be overwritten by dragging another Egg or Reliquary on top of them.
Lodestar and Accelerite buttons are now disabled if none are available.
Added the Crystalline Dream aura to the crystal pinatas.
Metamatter is no longer tradable.
Helping cave critters no longer gives character experience (but still gives reliquary experience.)
The Geode Expertise adventure Help 40 Cave Critters has been changed to Help 25 Cave Critters.
Players can no longer be invited in to the Geode Caves.
The /respawn command is no longer available in the Geode caves.
You can no longer drag inappropriate items in to the Geode inventory.
The Omni-Tool now consumes 20% less N-Charge.
Modules, Reliquaries and the Boom Box can no longer be deconstructed.
Module upgrade components granted during the Geode Expertise thread are no longer tradeable.
Lodestar and Accelerite now appear in the Currency inventory when looted.
The Thumper should now reveal the correct minerals.
Geode Adventures now reward 30 Adventurine in addition to a Lesser Crystal Cache.
The side to side speed while travelling up and down the airavators has been increased.
Leaving a Bomber Royale match now returns to the same hub it was joined from.
Fixed a bug that was causing sparse canopies in the Jurassic Jungle.
Princey McEvilface now deconstructs into a Golden Chaos Chest.
Shaper's Stars can now be deconstructed into 1 Titan Soul.