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05-20-2018, 08:03 PM
pts feedback
- i understand that geode is a different world but an access to a personal chest and loot collector trade post somewhere would be great
- also access to the crystal crafting benches via a club ( if not the profession bench at least the decor item bench)
- caves have 4 directions to go - could you place a crystal obviously in the doorframes of the north,east,south,west path and gateways to lairs this will let players know ( wellt he first 4) which paths have already been taken
- im also not a fan of the fact there are 14 people aloud in one cave instance and only 4 paths, i understand the paths split at a later point but your forcing the last 10 people who enter the instance to waste a good minuet till they find an unwalked path and resources that havnt alllready been picked up
- will there be a way to access higher teir caves later? its irritating to serch for a solid 10 mins just to finaly get there with a gas gauge that will last you 3 whole seconds
- could clubs get a cave portal perhaps? similar to a shadow tower portal, i can pay a fee of crystals to open a cave of the coulor i want and enter with friends
- failing that previous idea to get into a cave and adventure with my friend.. maybe .. teethering should be reimplemented :O ( everyones going to kill me) but it would work like so, teether in the hub, walk into cave together
- why cant the mounts we craft at the crystal bench be used in caves? <- that would be a dope feature
- your saying geode mastery does not grant stats however for every geode mastery i get im also getting real mastery...... which gives pr, is this a curent pts bug?
- you said your not ment to be able to invite friends to your adventure which is why i sugested the portal maker, but /joinme "freind" lets them port right into my cave is this a pts bug?
- will there be a way to access geod from my club?
- im yet to try the new pvp areana maybe 20 people is to many, i spent 20 mineuts on stream in a glass box waiting for people to join it think at the most we had 6 members in the box
- returning to geode hub is sometimes placing me on the roof
- im so beyond salty all my prior efforts in the game seem irellivant, could you add a way magicfind is somehow relivent? perhaps just as small as a chance to get extra ore, plant matter from nodes?
- why cant daily gathering bonus effect geode? nobodys going to be inclined to be a patron while doing this new content
- style stashes dont unlock crytsal decor?
- with boons being retired will bound brilliance be added into the loot table of the leader board reward boxes? how else will we be getting this item besides our tome
- TOMES omg, there are ... soooo many tomes i cri
- early modual crafting costs seem excessive, i understand its not ment to be super easy but on a gas tank 1, needing to gert x amount of things from a t2 seems overwhelming, as mentioned before byt he time i get to that tier if its undiscovered ill only see a few cavebirds before getting kicked to hub

im focusing on negatives here because they are things that need attention BUT i will say there are definatly things in this expansion im "digging"
- I love souls being able to be up-crafted
- I love the opportunity to craft light chaos vaults, though the dragonite cost may want to be re assessed
- I love the changes to the forge and removal of the shapers star requirements
- The vxf blocks are sexy ( but why cant i walk through them?)
- The changes to club xp seem like a step in a good direction, could you also consider a raise to daily xp limits?

Thankyou for your time <3 suggarrhighh

05-21-2018, 03:36 AM
We appreciate the feedback! One thread where a dozen people post a huge number of suggestions about a wide array of issues isn't ideal for finding specific actionable data.

The best way to handle feedback is for each player to find a thread discussing one element of the game and posting in that thread with their feedback on that one topic. If that topic hasn't already been discussed you can create a new thread and name it something specifically tied to that topic.