View Full Version : [Bug] Reliquary settings reset every trip.

05-20-2018, 03:31 PM
Time; 3:00ish PM PST (5/20/2018)
Context; Setting optional Reliquary to charge while mining.
Expected; Expected to not have to set up an empty/half full Reliquary to charge every trip.
Observed; I have multiple tanks that are full, but I cant use in the station yet. Upon entering the mines, full tanks are set as default option, and I am forced to again swap to an empty or partial charged tank.

Repro steps;
1) Place a full tank before any partial or empty tank in the Geode Invitnory Tab.
2) Enter any mine.
3) Select empty/incomplete tank.
4) Exit mine.
5) Re-enter any mine.

Result; Settings have defaulted to full tank.

(This is especially annoying when hunting for birds and needing to change mines quickly in T2 or suffocate trying to get into T3 where the population of this plant is higher. Mostly irritating more than critical.)

05-20-2018, 09:31 PM
I played with this a bit, when you fill up a tank, put it at the end of your inventory. The default is to use the first one in the list.

It's still a bug, but there's a workaround for now.