View Full Version : [Feedback and Suggestions] Cave Exploration and Crystallogy

05-20-2018, 02:00 PM
Cave Exploration

This content is really fun and it is quite relaxing and enjoyable. This is mostly because you do not have to worry alot and just explore and have fun. Athough after the first half an hour it gets boring and reppetitive. One way to solve this problem could be by doins some of the following :

Add chests which contain powerups allowing for more diverse gameplay

Add a set of allies which will mine for the character while they are offline for lets say, 20 items and hour, and if they are online and in the Geode 40 items.

These updates could help mainstream the Geode progression while not stopping new players from advancing in the main game.


This proffesion is really interesting and can provide quite alot of knowledge however the last level is blocked behind the crafting of legendary tomes, thus taking a long time to achive for the most common of players. This could easily be solved by moving some recipes or even adding new ones.

To end it, this is my pinch of salt in the Geode update as overall it is a great update and provides the game with something we haven't ever had offered.