View Full Version : some little error to need be fix

05-20-2018, 02:24 AM

the new boomer costume does not have an icon


you do not see the appropriate subclass icons that each class has equipped, but show the icon you have equipped on current class.

as in this case I equipped the subclass of the revenant and I see the icon on all classes


sometimes I meet this block on the way, but breaking it is a normal block.

I do not know if it's just my problem, I have no mods installed on the PTS (only karmatooltip)

<No have image of this>

I have crafted new costume of revenant, and you can't see vfx of his ulti


I'm die for lag while climbed, but when my friend invited me back into the world where I died, I spaw in this way, I was stuck I could not take any action even back to the hub.
Restarting the game, I was always stuck but put me back in the starting area

To get out of this problem I changed the world via command / tutorial

sorry for the links of the images, but I could not insert the image on the post

This is all iusses i found in my first 16h gameplay in this expansion in PTS
I will collect other feedback to improve the game