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kaizer killer
05-20-2018, 02:10 AM
The tutorial when spawning in is nice it fits the sillyness of trove and learn a bit on power ups from reading. after some games can see more about the effects there

waiting zone:
while in the waiting zone all commands function as normal and can use market while waiting to multi-task like in the other pvp. doing /respawn will put you back to hub since theres no respawn point in the waiting zone. banners of any type don't have any effect for sure since tried all types to see if one magically worked. class changer is disabled and clicking on any of the subgem powers won't brake it to work in this so if want a different class have to go to hub. doing /epicpose doesn't force a mount. so all that works and even during slow hours did have a few matches work given explosives are fun.

class stats:

For those curious on each class movement speed and skills took screen shots of them. i like that the boom ranger gets a miner skill to shine here given the class been balanced and normal around the game. since its every third bomb takes timing and bit of aim for it to be fully used which is nice. seems majority of the stats are same even if its a low level so everyone joining in has good chances.

The hook skill is about the same across all classes and if dodge right after hook hits an object you can cancel from it. although sometimes you get launched sideways and sometimes the cool down resets since the hook didn't fully function. if wait a second you'll go faster to the area you're hooked into which you can still take damage even while going this quick. seems this been better than just having it work completely like the lancer hook and be stuck into going toward the spot it locked into.

The bombs relies on energy so pure bomb Spam becomes limited good so maps don't get nuked right away. bombs look like they won't collide against each other given tried that. good thing dev stream showed bombs don't cause self harm but it will still destroy the ground. power up slots are empty until pick up a new skill so that adds to potential for new bomb types in future. suggestions might be adding in ice so parkour becomes tricky like the lava bomb functions. maybe a cluster bomb with greater spread for aoe damage to the map or bombs with patterns of explosives. another hazard bomb could do is like the cursed vale boss that throws a spike ball that creates spikes along the ground.

Sticky bomb seems to do about 12k damage and stick even if its very edge of something so its hit box works enough.

Jump bomb only managed to use one time still need more info.

seemly safe places like bounce pads if someone throws sticky would need to be good at timing and jumping to avoid damage. water is harder to touch when it stays around but the random field degenerations will remove it enough. Fishing is possible but thats a challenge to do given world despawns and also stray bombs. the void is the main killing force which is good that its working as intended. the fastes time could die with the map in PTS currently is 16 seconds if rush the opening corners its easy to go right into the open parts of this map.

The average play time per match is around the same max time limit of the main pvp and faster due to the void. there was one bug when did die to a bomb once it made me float slowly and i could still throw bombs thats why i have a bit longer live time in this one match than the winner does. had to use /respawn to fully die and see the results screen and it doesn't seem consistent how this happened. i'm glad the scoring system is time alive, kills and then power ups collected. its more encouraging to at least do something even if its just running around collecting power ups.

kaizer killer
05-22-2018, 02:50 PM
Can't get a match going after a while to test if can use hook on your own bombs

05-22-2018, 03:03 PM
Well, can you hook any entities at all, or just blocks?

kaizer killer
05-22-2018, 05:02 PM
The hook does small damage from impact of ground and does hit a bomb but doesn't seem to pull to it. If did pull to the bomb that's some timing and skill to even abuse a hook riding trick

05-22-2018, 05:47 PM
Well, since the hook is clearly re-used from the rest of geode, containing the same quirks and mechanics, it should work the same way here. So far as I can tell, there are 3 types of world objects when it comes to the hook: blocks, entities that stop the hook(possibly getting pushed back in the process), and objects the hook ignores entirely. Bombs are either the 2nd or 3rd type. Therefore, most likely, if you were to hit a bomb with your hook, either nothing would happen, or your hook would bounce off, potentially stopping you from hooking a block on the other side of the bomb. Hooking the bomb seems unlikely, as that behavior appears to activate exclusively when the hook hits a block, however, this does mean that there is technically a chance that it is possible to throw a bomb at someone, timing it just right, preventing them from hooking to a block and saving themselves. Even if it is, though, that is unlikely to ever happen throughout all of Bomber Royale. Also, even if the hook did try to hook the bomb, it would only hook to its location at the time you hit it, as the hook destination is clearly saved as a location, rather than an entity that it's attached to.

kaizer killer
05-22-2018, 07:41 PM
At least so far haven't been able to consistently brake anything or find anything to abuse easily. Next to test the geode stuff if have time