View Full Version : Decorations are full of errors

05-19-2018, 01:58 AM
In the Crystallogy Workbench, the Geodian Building Notes use the wrong model (they change to the correct one when crafted).
The Decommissioned Omni-Tool calls it the "Omnitool" (vs. the modules inventory spelling).
One item in the Geodian Workbench does not exist. It can be unlocked by the Geodian Building Notes and crafted, but has no icon (on the bottom of the workbench, it will borrow the icon of whatever you last selected), no name, no description, and crafting it will not put anything in your inventory. Presumably this is meant to be the Decommissioned Pathpainter.
The Organic Sun Sap Cultivar has two spaces between Sap and Cultivar.
The Geodian Stone Table sections all have no icons when initially unlocked (but do have them in the workbench/collections) and have no names in the recipe unlock and collections (but do have them in the workbench).
The Geodian Stone Table Corner is erroneously referred to as a Sunseeker Banner Top.
The Green Spire Banner Top Section spells the word as "UTop".
The Sunseeker Rug Corner Section spells the word as "Croner".
All 5 of the decorations (but not the framework) referring to the Geodian Sun Goddess spell the word as "Goddes".
The Ancient Orb framework description uses "it's" where "its" is correct.
The Colossal Cavernous Glowcap spells the word as "Collossal".
The Small Geodian Crystal deco obtained in the caves spells "buried" in its description as "burried". It also has a [REAL DESCRIPTION HERE] note at the end... for that matter I'm not sure this is supposed to be obtained at all; I found it when mining in the caves, finding a few crystals that couldn't be picked up as resources but could be mined out.
Not a bug, but it would be nice if we could craft the Geodian signs too.

And unrelated bugs:

The Reliquary progress bars remain in the inventory after switching to a different inventory tab.
Reliquary descriptions (in particular the Token vs. Mastery ones) are inconsistent in whether or not they use the word "loadout".
The new free personal chest storage tab is the fifth one, not the second one (as would be expected by a new player).
The Bomber Royale merchant description uses only a singular "Bomb Coin" rather than plural.