View Full Version : Trove - How To Get Flux - Prowling Shadow

03-08-2015, 02:02 PM

This is a Trove tutorial showing you another way to get flux. This time we talk about farming glim and buying cat soul traps in the hopes of getting the prowling shadow pet. The prowling shadow is one of the most sought after allies in the game. It's the best one to farm for because it's more expensive than the berserk raptor, and it's easier to sell than the chronomancer. Another advantage is that lot more classes use the prowling shadow, hence it is more in demand. In the video, I open 50 cat soul traps and show you what I get. Enjoy!

Prowling Shadow
Effects: +5 movespeed, gives 2.2% health each time you damage an enemy
Info: A shadowy, cat-like entity that appears to be following you for unknown reasons

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