View Full Version : The Keyblade Masters (PS4 USA Club)

03-29-2018, 12:03 AM
Are you tired of finding a club that has too much pr requirement?

Or are you just looking your favorite fandom club on Trove, but you just can't find the right one?

Well, i just got the good new for you, Trovian! Because you just found Yen Sid on your Cornerstone's doorstep!

We proudly announce you:

The Keyblade Masters! A Dedicated club for Kingdom Hearts lovers for all Trovians!

You heard me, because this is the only club to have KH content in it! Oh yes, it has a min power rank requirement of 5k!

Not 10k or that would be overkill! No, 5k is the one we chose! Why did you ask, because if you are lower than that then yeah...

But hey we're starting out as a club so make sure you grind, make the club look pretty, etc! Because well, we're lv. 1, same as Sora's level in the begging of Kingdom Hearts.

But hey, so as long as you behave in our club, and be nice to everybody. Hey, you may get promoted one day.

So as long as you act nice, keep it PG-13, no saying Join Party because that's spam and other spamming is not allowed, and if you leave for more than a month, well you have 24 hours to return or you are getting the keyboot soon.

So that's the rules, and remember, have keyblade with you! In The Keyblade Masters!

Besides, we are currently hiring builders, farmers, etc in my club. So, PM me if you want to join my club. Remember, the minimum requirement Power Rank is 5000 or more so don't forget that!