View Full Version : Xylents Useful Wares

03-06-2015, 11:54 PM
All prices are as stated, minor negotiations will be considered.

Try to contact me in game, IGN: XylentSlayer
Otherwise, please leave a comment with IGN and what you're interested in.

Current Wares:

Eyes of Q'bthulu (410) @ 1:8F

Tentacles of Q'bthulu (10) @ 1:80F

FaeDrakeling Ally (2) @ 1:600F

TiggerRaptorPup Ally (1) @ 1:600F

Various 0-3 star shadow gear/ weapons prices vary @ 1:180-400F

Many 0-1 star shadow rings prices vary @ 1:80-300F

Glim @ 2:1F