View Full Version : Cornerstone Framework bug

The Free Minstrel
03-21-2018, 02:49 AM
Time spotted: Wednesday, 21.03.
Context: Can't place even a single tree framework(hereinafter the "fw") at my cornerstone(hereinafter the "cs"), wherever i claim it.
Yes, i wait enough time to load my whole cs. Yes, i am sure it does not stick out of 16x16 cs territory. Yes, i tried to flattern it for 5-7 times already. And yes, i know there are threads with this bug already, but neither has even a hint to solve this problem.
Expected: Well... a nice cornerstone with Spires fw preset?
Observed: Red, unplaceable fw-s, from palace wall corner to single candorian tree.

Repro Steps:
1. Craft a framework (let's use the "Cornerstone Shrine" one)
2. Claim a cornerstone.
3. Try to place fw on claimes cs.
4. Watch this every time you try: