View Full Version : List of costumes that give incorrect mastery

03-09-2018, 05:42 AM
Hiya, counting this as a bug, the below costumes give 35 mastery where they're intended to give 70.

Platinum Paladin
Delicacy Dealer
Bubble Blaster
Amorous Archer
Skysunder Sniper
Hallowed Shadow Hunter
Cogforge Commander
Beast Battler
Expired Explorer
Heart Eater
Stone Shaper
Gleaming Golemancer
Heralded Harrier
Mk X Spirit Armor
Rosy Ravisher
Hiveoponic Horticulturist
The Blocktor
Green Dinoranger
Snowpeak Sentinel
Permafrost Plunderer

Would appreciate a fix as it's making them much less desireable for their crafting costs.