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02-18-2018, 09:44 AM
Firstly I feel the flux discounts aren't enough. The other materials are problematic too.

Builder's rough focus still costs 4 heart of darkness. People don't really want to make this for such a low boost. Consider a heart reduction.

Builder's precise focus still costs 3k dust. This cost itself wouldn't be a problem if the boost was higher. The sheer number of them mean that you're not likely to boost multiple classes, something that was recommended to be possible on stream multiple times and something there is a badge for. Personally it feels like you're grinding for peanuts. The increased boxes on gem day and the new gem boxes may help against this, though even IF it does have a big impact, there could still probably be a small reduction

Builder's superior focus costs 3 titan souls which may be fine, and 30 diamond dragonite which is 255k flux on live, more than the flux cost in the first place. Some people are fine with it because dragonite doesn't have a use long term, but that's a separate issue that relies on you never doing anything else with dragonite and requires it to be viewed purely as a timegated material.

You also didn't reduce the costs of chaos sparks which still is 3 lunar souls and 4 binding darkness which is on the high side, although I'm not sure what the drop rate of the new gem boxes is like, but as a craftable, it could do with some kind of reduction.

While more gem boxes can help for the middle augment, that's still my feedback. Moving on from those, gem booster boxes are a pretty poor, the dust from it isn't very useful because it's so little (a reason why you removed the dust from them in the first place) and just takes away from getting anything actually useful inside. Another suggestion would be to increase the amount of dust drops from gem boxes. People generally open them for the rare gems, so with the amount people open, it'd be less of a burden opening boxes and continuously loot collecting trash gems, especially if more drop on gem day now.

I also wouldn't mind more person chest space since I'm a hoarder and I have untrable stuff that I can't face loot collecting like the white and dark pegasus and the inventory expanders we were recently given but can't use due to full space unlocked, and mostly a whole bunch of gems that are usable in case I ever want to upgrade a class but don't want to spend the dust to upgrade and potentially trash because of poor boosts.

02-18-2018, 07:34 PM
With the flux reduce costs on the superior augment they are already making the game extremely casual. 9.5PR for 50k and some worthless dragonite is a literal joke. As soon as this update hits we will see at least 10x more than the current 25.8k+'s we have now. Might as well give everyone free perfect stellar gems while we are at it. The 50k is by far low enough. 150k a tad high but complaining about 50k? Lmao

02-18-2018, 10:10 PM
With the flux reduce costs on the superior augment they are already making the game extremely casual. 9.5PR for 50k and some worthless dragonite is a literal joke. As soon as this update hits we will see at least 10x more than the current 25.8k+'s we have now. Might as well give everyone free perfect stellar gems while we are at it. The 50k is by far low enough. 150k a tad high but complaining about 50k? Lmao

I wasn't complaining about the flux costs. I have tens of millions of flux, 50k seems fine, but not a literal joke. Buying stellars that give 1k PR for around 10k is a "literal joke". We're talking about less than 1% of that for more. Also there should be more people with top PR when they want people levelling multiple classes, let alone one. Especially if the only power gap increase since Mantle of Power is from the augment system which you could've just saved your resources. That's quite a long time to earn enough drops. Dragonite is all fine and well, but if you decide to use it all, you'll soon change your mind after you find out that you're gated to an augment a week. And like I said in my post, that's also reliant on them not doing anything again with dragonite. If they do, you will end up with massive regrets. Imo there should both be more options for dragonite and the dragonite costs should be reduced. You're speaking from the opinion as someone with years worth of dragonite with little previous sink including superior augments because that was excessively wasteful instead of comparing dragonite as a system itself.

Lets put it this way, over a year you can at max get 60 superior augments a year excluding events but logging in every single day. 570 PR. An extra stellar level 1 worth of PR. Not even close to max 1 class. Still think it's balanced? In that year there's a fair chance there's going to be the next big grind or 2.

As for "making the game "extremely casual".
1) The game started casual
2) The game is simple and suits being casual. Essentially to be a speedrunner you need high stats, be a GS, press 2 and hold LMB. It's hardly hardcore
3) People have lost interest in the game. The more they're getting burned out, the less interested they become.

Edit: also there didn't seem to be many complaining when max gear required just a set of radiant gear or shadow before that. Those were a lot more swappable too.

02-19-2018, 12:36 AM
Only when Lustrous Gem Boxes start dropping 100K dust will any paths be viable to 'max classes' in any sort of timely manner.

TL;DR version below
I commented on this a month ago in another thread, here (http://forums.trovegame.com/showthread.php?131013-Gem-Augmenting-Costs-Feedback&p=787616&viewfull=1#post787616), but let's see what's changed...

my avg gem has required 45 precise augments, times 9, 405 precise augments to max a class
405 precise augments requires 3,645,000 dust

my avg for dust, so far, has been 64.96 per shadow box [patron] [1 (https://i.imgur.com/AWAqWRS.jpg)] [2 (https://i.imgur.com/oUrQRMd.jpg)]
3.645m dust / shadow boxes, 56,112 boxes Adjusted my average to 64.4 dust per box, ~56,600 shadow boxes [1 (https://i.imgur.com/gV34vFf.jpg)]

my avg boxes weekly were [420*7/3*1.4] 1372 boxes of each type, 4116 total
4,116 boxes / 7 days , 588 boxes daily [420 + opulence fixture]
56,112 / 588 daily boxes, 95.4 days to max a single classonly thing that changes here might be the shorter time on WED to acquire the same amount of boxes .. however in 95 days you could have (14 * 3~6 Lustrous Gem Boxes) which is an known unknown.

Other factors include Tomes & Stellar Empowered Gems, I've since level'd any bad [stellar empowered] Fire gems to lv 15 (using boosters from contests) and loot collecting them for a gain of about 4.1~5.3K dust (rng), let's just say.. 4.5K avg for fire since MR530 is out of reach for a lot of us (2K+ MR430 atm)... now 12*(4.5+5+5), 174K dust over 12 weeks, 174,000 / 64.4 = ~2701 boxes, so we're down to ~53,899 shadow boxes or 91.6 days, if you're not a yellow name you're looking at 168K dust.. 2607 boxes.. 53,993 boxes... 91.8 days (via tome &lv 15Air&Fire gems).. another known unknown is the 10/20% reduction in leveling costs so 4.1~5.3K dust could go up slightly.

Dust Tomes in my eyes are a joke.

405*4000, 1,620,000 flux required for precise augments.405*2000, 810,000 flux required.

When Rough augments are half the static increase of Precise augments..
..810 Rough augments..
..requires 4*810, 3,240 Hearts of Darkness, valued at 5,508,000 Flux [1,700f ea]
and 810*2000, 1,620,000 Flux to craft, 7,128,000 Flux total.Adjusting for todays prices..
4*810, 3,240, valued at 4,536,000 Flux [1,400f ea]
810*1200, 972,000 Flux to craft, 5,508,000 Flux total.

My acquisition of Bound Brilliance..
2 out of 7 boons drop 10, 5 from the tome. so 25 weekly.. / 7, 3.57 daily.
405 / 3.57, 113.4 days
810 / 3.57, 226.9 daysI only get 3? login boxes a month now, climbing the mastery tree, so I'm readjusting this to.. 4 Tomes and 1 (10) BB drop, 30 a month.

which is faster?
I was making 103,000 pure flux grinding 420 boxes at 4.2K MF
1.62 / .103, 15.7 days .. j/k 90+ days for dust
7.128 / .103, 69.2 days810K / 103K, 7.8 days .. j/k still 90+ days for dust and 113.4 days for Bound Brill, or 13.5 months if climbing the mastery tree.
5.508M / 103K, 53.4 days .. j/k still 226.9 days for Bound Brill, or 27 months if climbing the mastery tree.

I left out the Superior focus in the original post, I'll be basing my estimates on this specific gem I haven't augmented on my GS, since it's the 45 precise augments avg I claimed
stat | currentvalue | precise augs to max | superior augs to max

We come up with 20 Foci per gem, x9, 180 foci..
180 / 30 bound brill a month, 6 months [if climbing the mastery tree]
180 * 50K Flux, 9M / 103K Flux per day, 87.3 days
180 * 30, 5,400 Diamond Dragonite, 5,400 / 4DD daily logins, 3.69 years.

Something theorethical.. buy a [50K Flux] dragonite pouch daily
180 * 100K Flux (pouch+craft), 18M / 103K Flux per day, 175 days or under 6 months
5,400 Diamond Dragonite / 14 Dragonite (pouch+login), 385.7 days, year & 3wks.

Obviously you can mix and match but pure Rough and Superior paths remain unviable for upgrading multiple classes in a timely fashion, even Precise takes just under 4 months for one class.

Which begs the question, Is this any better than the system we had before? Grinding .. for 4 months.. and hoping at lv 15 it rolled well in the gem evalutator? (http://www.pfiffel.com/trove/gem/#25,1604,2:7566,3:7.3,4:139.1) [2] (http://forums.trovegame.com/showthread.php?109443-Introducing-Gem-Evaluator-Portable-say-goodbye-to-bad-gems) Technically yes for the sake of getting control over 100%CH but if you really wanted to max all classes w/ best in slot gems.. you'd likely be inclined to gamble every gem you came across for 'extremely well rolled outcomes' and then augment to MAYBE cut the time in half.