View Full Version : about new serpent type /epicpose and a other bug

02-18-2018, 01:02 AM
Im not sure about this due to i replace .binfab file to old dragons
whey type /epicpose its fine when camera is face to ground but if face the character its will display like this
its just hidden in the lower not show out XD

In other way if ride this mount pass by a way filled by magrail that was terrible(also 6 wings one ) .. due to its will auto suck in the rail like normal magrider
also replace .binfab can make the magridermodel work.. but in eyes of other player will be flashing on rail=_= this is my friend told me when i AFK in magrail

in other about icon
radiant and skyland will display tire 3 clubit union icon

like this (

there are not big problem but just want fix then (