View Full Version : Friday Bonus Day - Dragon Fragment Farming

02-16-2018, 08:50 PM
I am concerned about Friday's bonus day, as it effects drops of dragon fragments, which in the PTS, includes Thal,Flak and Chocodrag, this amounts 10 fragments each (15, with patron) to 4k (6k, with patron) Flux for each dragon on the bonus day which would make for an easy flux grab.

Will this be changed? As it would crash the market.

02-16-2018, 10:23 PM
crash it so we can start to build the high-flux itens like that 150k builder’s superior focus. right now we got a lot of non-tradable chaos itens to craft and too little flux for it

02-18-2018, 09:21 AM
Since they nerfed the Titans treasures, this would be one way to make flux for a noob player. I appreciate your concern, but I do not agree with your assessment. I think we NEED more flux in the economy.

I used to never really worry about Making flux in the game. Since the TT nerf, I have had some difficulties in having enough flux to craft things and make gem upgrades. There are lots of high cost items in the game that I don't even think about trying to acquire because my primary source of flux each week is gone, and I need to reserve my flux for gem upgrades.

02-18-2018, 07:27 PM
I disagree with your assessment. I think the economy needs more flux in game. It takes me forever to get the 50k flux needed for each costume so this is one way to help with that. It might actually help the economy too. People will be able to buy crafting items etc. So no it does not need changing.

02-18-2018, 11:32 PM
Just a quick snippet on economics...
If it is easier for players to get flux (as mentioned by Friday dragon farming) then EVERYTHING on the marketplace will get more expensive meaning:
1) The 'extra' flux gained won't help gain marketplace items
2) Flux that players previously owned would be less valuable.

For some strange and mysterious reason when the Devs hear players crying out "I need more flux" / "There needs to be more ways to get flux" ect ect...
For some reason they listen and change something (as mentioned above)... and it inflates the economy... and thus accomplishes next to nothing...
What really needs to be done is every way of SPENDING flux needs to be dropped by a very, very sensitive amount... and (in theory) this will only cause minimal inflation and achieve a similar result.

On the other hand players have been annoyed at the difficulty of getting dragon fragments... So maybe the bonus could apply to all EXCEPT for Thal,Flak and Chocodrag.


02-19-2018, 08:29 AM
Going to snippet right here it increases drop rate not Amount so u will still get 5 from those dragons its For the ones that came from eclipse and adventures update that have a fragment drop rate thatís very low and Fridayís will help those dragons only