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02-16-2018, 01:25 AM
New Class - Vanguardian

Swooping in to the spotlight, the Vanguardian’s here to save the day!
The Vanguardian packs a punch with new Fist weapons and always comes out swinging.
Punch or pew - the ability to switch between ranged and melee controls the fighting space.
Go KAPOW your way to victory – it’ll be super, just sayin’.
This potent punching powerhouse can be crafted with in-game resources on the Resistor workbench.
A Badge has been added for unlocking the Vanguardian.


A new sub-biome has been added to Neon City – Luminopolis!
A colorful cityscape, Luminopolis is being conquered by the Amperium led by Ampress C455-Andra.
The Resistors are fighting back against the Amperium, constructing new points of interest in Luminopolis. Called Outposts, here players can find Resistor Workbenches and take Outpost Adventures. Up to 3 Outpost Adventures can be in progress at a time and up to 20 can be completed in a day.
Hoshizora, Luminary of Hope and Rhom-10, Dissent’s Roar are two new Ancestral Dragons who’ve come to join the battle (and ride the rails.)
Assist the Resistors by attacking the Amperium and gain valuable new resources like Plasmium and Sentience Shards.
The Neon City Scrap Case is a new box that can drop from NPCs and chests in Neon City and Luminopolis, containing commonly found materials to the region.
Use these new resources at the Resistor Workbench to craft the new Vanguardian class, 14 new allies, 7 new mounts, the Windtunnel Wings, 5 new tomes, 18 new frameworks, and a +50% Adventurine potion. There are also 11 new costumes – a Kami-themed costume for the Dino Tamer, an Amperium-themed costume for the Neon Ninja, 2 costumes for the vanguardian, and 7 Resistor-themed costumes for the Knight, Gunslinger, Boomeranger, Revenant, Tomb Raiser, Vanguardian, and Pirate Captain.
A terraformer for Luminopolis can be crafted from the Worldspring bench or the Resistor Workbench.
Robot NPCs are now healed while standing in plasma.
Those blocks you found while lasermancing in Luminopolis are totally intended. You'd best keep it a secret.

These bosses are designed to be more along the lines of "large aggressive pinatas" and less along the lines of "#1 WORLD FIRST BEST TROVE 2018." We're aware they will be bullied, trapped, and poked fun at but so are they. It's intended that their HP system will make some classes more competitive than they are in the existing meta.

A new challenge appears!
Find and fight the invading Gigastormers in Luminopolis – whether it’s a Titanic Tentakiller, a Trojan Propagator, or a proxy of C455-Andra herself.
Gain a Sentience Shard daily for participating in a Rampage.
Rampages have 3 stages, each of which grant a Lesser Neon Cache.
Lesser Neon Caches contain Flux, Plasmium, Charged Circuits, Logic Loops, Memory Matrixes, and rarely fragments for Rhom-10 or Hoshizora.
Several Badges have been added for completing Rampages.
Rampage Challenges Completed has been added to /stats.


Beacons are a new craftable item that allows players to summon Gigastormers to their club worlds for a bloc beatdown.
Each Beacon summons a specific Gigastormer and can be crafted on the Resistor workbenches in Luminopolis.
Beacons are not tradable, and can only be thrown in a club world by the club’s members.
The player who throws a Beacon always receives a Sentient Shard when the Beacon is thrown. When the Gigastormer is defeated, up to 8 players will receive 1-3 Neon City Scrap Cases.
Gigastormers spawned from a Beacon during a Rampage will count towards the Rampage.

Beacon of Heroes Fixture

A new Utility Fixture has been added – the Beacon of Heroes.
The Beacon of Heroes requires a level 4 Club. and has several benefits:

Allows Yoshimi to spawn at the Rally of Heroes
Increases Glide, which allows for longer flights but does not increase speed
Increases Plasmium drops from Neon City NPCs
A Spotlight Selector, allowing clubs to choose between several spotlight beams
A Resistor Workbench which reduces crafting costs with each level

Yoshimi is a new RARE Adventure NPC (Hero) who:

Visits for 24 hours and costs 250 Clubits to remove
Sleeps for 1 hour every 6 hours and costs 25 Clubits to remove
Grants Luminopolis adventures
Partially replaces Neologus the Robot Overlord’s chance to spawn

Level 1 of the Beacon of Heroes costs 900 Clubits, requires 135 Clubits in rent, and:

Allows Yoshimi to spawn at the Rally of Heroes (Yoshimi and Neologus the Robot Overlord have an equal chance to spawn with the Beacon of Heroes, each having 50% of Neologus the Robot Overlord’s chance to spawn with the Repose of Heroes placed)
Increases Glide to 105
Provides an additional 5% chance for Plasmium drops
Has 4 options for spotlight beams
Has a Resistor Workbench

Level 2 of the Beacon of Heroes costs 1540 Clubits, requires 180 Clubits in rent, and:

Allows Yoshimi to spawn at the Rally of Heroes (Yoshimi and Neologus the Robot Overlord have an equal chance to spawn with the Beacon of Heroes, each having 50% of Neologus the Robot Overlord’s chance to spawn with the Repose of Heroes placed)
Increases Glide to 110
Provides an additional 10% chance for Plasmium drops
Has 8 options for spotlight beams
Has a Resistor Workbench with 5% cost reduction

Level 3 of the Beacon of Heroes costs 3630 Clubits, requires 270 Clubits in rent, and:

Allows Yoshimi to spawn at the Rally of Heroes (Yoshimi now has 75% of Neologus the Robot Overlord’s chance to spawn with the Repose of Heroes placed, while Neologus has 25%)
Increases Glide to 120
Provides an additional 15% chance for Plasmium drops
Has 12 options for spotlight beams
Has a Resistor Workbench with 10% cost reduction

Welcome Screen

A new welcome screen has been introduced. This new version will appear on login and is still accessible through the Navigation Menu and existing hotkeys.
This new version still displays all the relevant daily information, but in a smaller form and featuring animated models for the Chaos Chest and Radiant Dayspring rewards.
The new Welcome Screen only shows the current Daily Bonus, with a preview for the next day’s Daily Bonus. Access the new Daily Bonus rotation by selecting Learn More on the Daily Bonus section.

Daily Bonus Changes

The existing Daily Bonuses have been replaced by entirely new daily bonuses.
Monday is now Shadow Day – this elevator isn’t stopping until it gets to the top floor. (Although a few extra rounds of Shadow Hydrakken never hurt anybody.)

Non-Patrons receive:

Double key fragments
Double shadow shards
Double Titan Souls
Double Lunar Souls

Patrons receive:

Triple key fragments
Triple shadow shards
Triple Titan Souls
Triple Lunar Souls

Find a tractor, equip a mining hat, and bait a hook, because Tuesday is Gathering Day.

Non-Patrons receive:

Double Radiant Shards
20% chance of bonus harvest materials
50% chance of bonus ore
Double fishing speed

Patrons receive:

Triple Radiant Shards
40% chance of bonus harvest materials
100% chance of bonus ore
Triple fishing speed

Wednesday just got a whole lot shinier as Gem Day.

Non-Patrons receive:

25% chance of a bonus Gem Box drop
Dust costs for gem upgrades are reduced by 10%
Up to 3 Lustrous Gem Boxes can drop from dungeons – this new box has a chance to drop gem dust of any color, a Gem Focus, or a Contained Chaos Spark

Patrons receive:

50% chance of a bonus Gem Box drop
Dust costs for gem upgrades are reduced by 20%
Up to 6 Lustrous Gem Boxes can drop from dungeons

Call out the menagerie of mounts and stay on the move, because Thursday is Adventure Day.

Non-Patrons receive:

50% more Adventurine
Double the chance of finding Adventure Boxes
Double the chance of finding Talismans

Patrons receive:

100% more Adventurine
Triple the chance of finding Adventure Boxes
Triple the chance of finding Talismans

Friday certainly won’t drag on, since it’s now Dragon Day!

Non-Patrons receive:

Double the Dragon Coins from Challenges
Double the Lesser Dragon Caches from Challenges
Double the chance of finding Dragon Fragments

Patrons receive:

Triple the Dragon Coins from Challenges
Triple the Lesser Dragon Caches from Challenges
Triple the chance of finding Dragon Fragments

Keep a level head on Saturday, which is still XP Day with a few new additions.

Non-Patrons receive:

50% more Adventure Experience
50% more Club Experience
50% more Arena Win Experience

Patrons receive:

100% more Adventure Experience
100% more Club Experience
100% more Arena Win Experience

When it’s raining flux on Sunday, let it rain because it’s Loot Day.

Non-Patrons receive:

+100 Magic Find
Double the chance to find Flux Artifacts
Increased Chaos Chest drops

Patrons receive:

+200 Magic Find
Triple the chance to find Flux Artifacts
Increased Chaos Chest drops

Store Updates

New additions to the Store:

The Vanguardian Pack and Vanguardian Super Pack have landed!

The Vanguardian Pack contains the Vanguardian class, the Windtunnel flying effect, a Vanguardian costume, 2 Terraformers, and 10 Sentience Shards
The Vanguardian Super Pack contains everything in the Vanguardian Pack, plus another Vanguardian costumes, 18 more Terraformers, the legendary Amperium A.I. tome, and a whopping 10101 credits.
An upgrade pack will be available for players who have purchased the Vanguardian Pack and wish to upgrade to the Vanguardian Super Pack.

The Amperium Dragon Pack has arrived to amp up Luminopolis adventures! Contains a tradable dragon egg for Rhom-10, Dissent’s Roar along with 10 Greater Neon Caches, 3 Beacons, the Wattaro Complex recipe and framework, and a 50% Adventurine Potion.
The Resistor Dragon Pack has appeared to increase the capacity for resistance! Contains a tradable dragon egg for Hoshizora, Luminary of Hope along with 10 Greater Neon Caches, 3 Beacons, the Blockatomi Tower recipe and framework, and a 50% Adventurine Potion.
Greater Neon Caches are now available in the store on the More tab! Get valuable Neon City crafting materials, Beacons to summon gigantic Gigastormers, or (rarely) tradeable allies, mounts, and costumes. Buy 33 and earn a Flashing Neon Cache, which always contains a rare result from the Greater Neon Caches!
A club name changer item is now available on the More tab in the store, allowing Club Presidents to rename their club.

Disaeon the Immortal

Disaeon the Immortal is now available for FREE to all players who have purchased any real world currency pack!
Disaeon has been moved from Legendary Dragons to Ancestral Dragons.
Disaeon has been removed from the Dragon Effigy.
A new Dragon Effigy will be sent out after Heroes is live to all players who previously used a Dragon Effigy to unlock Disaeon the Immortal.

Urmhalit the Unforgiven

Players who are opted-in to receive emails will now attract a new and fantastic friend: Urmhalit, the Unforgiven.
This stats-granting mastery-less dragon will fly in to Collections as long as opted-in status is maintained.
For console players, this involves associating an email address to your Microsoft or Sony account.
For further information, https://support.trionworlds.com/hc/en-us/articles/236303647-How-do-I-link-my-Trove-console-account-to-my-Trion-Worlds-Account-

Dracolyte Updates

Basic Attack/Flamethrower

The diameter of the Flamethrower basic attack has been increased in size by 100% which is half of one block.
The length of the Flamethrower basic attack has been increased in size by 18% which is one whole block.
Flamethrower basic attack will now convert slippery ice blocks into "charred" blocks for a short time, removing their slippery nature.

Spit Fire

Dracolyte familiar now charges twice as fast.
Spit Fire projectile speed has been doubled.

Burnt Offering

Dragon Idols now detonate after 6s (versus simply despawning).
Dragon Idols now detonate after two hits (versus four, previously).
The throwing distance for Dragon Idols has been increased slightly.

Avatar of Flame

Flamethrower attack while in Dragon form now does 100% more damage.
Magic Damage is increased by 50% while in Dragon form.
Health regen is increased by 300% while in Dragon form.

Burning Ward changes:

Dragon Idols now spawn a Dracolyte minion 100% of the time.
Without heals, Dracolyte minions live for 13s.

VFX Culling

VFX that are less important will now be hidden when there are a lot of particles in the camera’s view.
General priorities go as follows:

High – VFX associated with the character or with enemies (for example, abilities)
Medium – VFX associated with the environment (for example, torches)
Low – VFX associated with other players (except in Battle Arenas, where this is High)

Expertise Threads

Anyone who reaches character level 10 will trigger the Shadow Escalation thread, which teaches about the Shadow Tower and rewards great prizes including the Giant Shadow Panda! Players who have already completed this when it was an Event will not see this new Expertise series.
Acquiring a Tome (as an Item), will start a short series of Adventures that explain Tomes. The culmination of this adventure is the Corn Rollio mount. Of course!

LED Blocks

10 new color combinations that swap between 2 colors have been added to the LED Blocks.
These preserve the existing LED Block transition behavior. For example, interacting with a color changing Persistent LED Block will transition it to Off, not swap the colors.

Streamer Dream Allies

33 new allies have been added in 2 new Streamer Dream boxes, the Streamer Dream 2 and the Streamer Dream 3.
Each of these unlocks allies in their respective Collection category.

New Dungeons

New Frontier Dungeon from Frokly!
New Treasure Isles Dungeon from BlueMango10!
New Fae Dungeon from stedms!
New Forbidden Spires Lair from RiftPhoenix!
New Forbidden Spires Dungeon from Pennry!
New Forbidden Spires Dungeon from Screamheart!

New Battle Arena Maps

5 new maps from Xandllu!
2 new maps from EMPI!
2 new maps from Nuxus1!
A new map from MissPixel, DrNinja, and Tralaxx!

Additional Updates

Level 30 costumes have been added for all classes. Players that have previously reached level 30 will have these costumes unlock automatically when they next log in after the update.
Reduced the size of the game download.
Fixed some issues that could decrease server stability over time.
Improved some server performance and made several client side optimizations.
Fixed a crash that could be caused when changing worlds.
Flux costs have been reduced for Crafting a Builder's Focus to perfect your gems (Rough, Superior, and Precise).
Adventurine will now display what amount is being granted as a bonus.
Adventures that require kills no longer give additional credit for killing any clones spawned by the target NPC.
The Pirrot Revenge Club Adventure now has a 100 kill count (was 30).
The Adventure NPC Dracantes now correctly sends players to Treasure Isles OR Lost Isles to complete his adventures.
A Dragon Crucible has been added above ground in the Hub.
Turtle-riders rejoice! The Turtle Tank and Topiary Terrapin now are correctly affected by the Knight's Move Speed enhancing subclass ability.
If a Coin Collection or Race challenge time period ends while you are in the middle of the minigame you can now still get the proper rewards.
(PS4 Only) You can now invite players with a dash in their profile name to your club via the Club UI menu.
(PS4 Only) Fixed a crash that could occur when entering to much text into the virtual keyboards.
Gather 3 Trovian dungeons now show up as separate icons on the map.
Club fixtures now show up on the map.
Shores of Everdark biomes now have their own icon on the map.
The VFX for air blocks and rally blade towers have been optimized and are noticeably different.
Audio cue for Gunslinger's subclass "Rain Destruction" should no longer spam when going up steps.
Fixed an issue that could cause the XP Earned This Week contest to reset particularly high scoring progress.
Fixed a bug where Knight took way too much redirected damage with Iron Will.
Fixed a bug where the client could crash while donating clubits to a Club Vault.
Fixed a bug where fixtures get cut off when placed near the top of the world.
The Moonwing badges will no longer claim to grant Lunar New Year Dragon Spirit as a reward.
Fortras and Albairn now grant 30 power rank.
Potentially fixed the rare Double Experience Potion ending too early issue.
The Double Experience Potion icon should now continue to update without requiring changing worlds.
The UI for Shadow Towers will now default to the current difficulty when opening in the Shadow Tower.
The Very Fishy Wall Trophy now has now returned from his sabbatical, and can be very rarely found as a world drop.
Fixed an issue where attempting to purchase inventory slots could cause a crash.
Fixed an issue where Shadow Tower portals appear on the ground after being destroyed despite returning straight to the inventory.
Fixed an exploit that allowed enemy clones to drop loot.
(Xbox and PS4) Added the Display Club Name checkbox to the Settings > Social menu.
Clubs can now specify what ranks are allowed to speak and listen in the club chat channel.
Re-ordered the club permissions list to have similar permissions next to each other.
Added explanation dialog when low rank club members try and fail to pay rent.
Drops of Chaos Chests now activate a VFX.
Fixed camera jitter that appeared while using some mounts, including the Frolicksome Fox Spirit.
Modifed the Stay Subclassy Badge Tooltip text to better explain the requirements.
Fixed a bug causing the Stay Subclassy Badge to not properly unlock.
Terraformers can now stack.
The Old Boot is now stackable. A new item can now be fished up, the Ancient Boot, which is completely useless, as the Old Boot was once intended to be.
Fixed an issue that could cause the selection highlight to disappear in the Gem Forge.
The Neon Throne item that comes from Chaos Chests and the Chaos Core Crafter now acknowledges its post theft identity, and now correctly describes itself as a Purloined Powerseat.
Unused Tether hotkey removed from Settings.
The View button now works in the Settings > Miscellaneous menu.