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01-08-2018, 05:37 PM
I know a lot of people like to build cornerstones and such and are looking for invisible glass, mine isn't completely invisible but it's the next best thing! :)

Couple things about the glass:
1. If you destroy it, you get nothing in your inventory so it MUST be mimic'ed. This means you can't put it in your club world, only your cornerstone.

2. Since the glass is old it's kinda buggy. There's certain blocks that turn invisible when looked at through the glass. LED light blocks and a semi-transparent white are two that I've found that are invisible when viewed through it, you you could make a cool house which is covered in LED lights but looks completely clear when you are inside. (You can see this in the 2nd and 3rd photos, I have a few LED blocks on the front which don't show. Also, the coins are resting on the white blocks inside my house that you also can't see.)

From my knowledge this glass doesn't exist anymore anywhere.
If you are interested in it, I've posted an Imgur album below so you can see how clear it is.

Finally, I'm giving this glass out for free for those who want it, though I wouldn't mind a donation if you feel so inclined! :)

Message me in game or post here and I'll get to you. My name is "See" in game.


Pictures here:

01-12-2018, 04:28 AM
can i get some? :D

08-26-2018, 08:24 PM
still give away ?
I want build something beautiful .

my id in game "tempobrian"

08-30-2018, 08:57 PM
Using a color difference calculator (http://www.brucelindbloom.com/index.html?ColorDifferenceCalcHelp.html) and screenshot #2 from the imgur album, I came pretty close to the same CIE 2000 value (http://zschuessler.github.io/DeltaE/learn/), 2.165 vs your 2.133 (reference sand vs sand behind the glass)

My glass is sourced by mimicing the Arcade cabinet glass found in neon city, the retired 3* pinball dungeon had the same exact glass. Same issues you reported when using it, a real pita. Sadly the invisible blocks inside the 3* Terrarium dungeon in neon city won't allow you to mimic them.